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Ye Shall Know Them By Their Fruits

Gifts like preaching, healing, pastoring and other gifts of the Holy Spirit in I Cor. 12 used very effectively for God's glory is really a blessing to the Body of Jesus Christ. But it must be coupled with the character of God, for the gifts without the character of God will not last. and only the character of God will last. In Galatians 5;22,23 is the fruit of the Holy Spirit specifically LOVE. That's why it says in the last verse of I Cor. 12 which is about the gifts of the Holy Spirit that it can be used most effectively and he showed how by going to I Cor. 13, the love chapter esp. in vv.1-3. In Matthew 7 it says that ye shall know them by their fruits, meaning by their attitude and character. Please don't get me wrong here, I'm not saying that I'm already perfect, just sharing to you guys that we should be like Jesus Christ. That's why many people claim that they are the true church or real children of God and I cannot judge them nor comment on it. But it will be seen in the long run. Eveything will fail but the Word of God abides forever. Eveything will fail but the character of God will also remain forever - AGAPE LOVE.

God bless us. Peace is with us.
I really like that Gentle ,It's refreshing.Haleluyah!!!!THanks Brother PEace and Love and Grace In JHS YHVH Christan
You are right . Fruits of the spirit is what is meant here . Great Post !
Brother :love: :boy_hug: