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Yeah!! :shade:

Who likes to write? Or who is a writer??

I've been writing on and off since grade four...but got into more in-depth as a focus hobby. I wrote about 10 short-medium length stories last year in 2004 and this year, I've started on a series that will spawn a couple volumes.

It's called "Expectancy" and it's action/supernatural fiction. It took me only one week to finish 8 chapters which make up to 84 pages. So basically, the first volume is finished haha.

Not tryna boast or anything...
I love also to write...poems, essays, everything. I write in specially about human feelings, nature, about God's love, about me, about people, about the world in which we are living and so on. It's just a hobby, but I think it's my the biggest one !
I just love writing also, I find it easier to put down on paper rather than talking it, I'm no use in phone conversations or just plain speaking to people, I can pass just about, but when it comes to writing well I go on and on and forget when to finish,
i started keeping a journal of my Christian Walk, and it goes on for 12 pages at present, I keep it on my pc and add to it every so often I also love to send emails to my relatives in Ontario and Calgary, I think I can say more and get straight to what I want to in writing which I find difficult to say.