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Word on the Web/29 August

Staff Member
29 August 2008

Word on the Web

Pray First
Are you encouraged and united in love with other Christians? You can be... but it begins with prayer.

Colossians 2:1-5

I want you to know what a struggle I am going through for you, for God's people at Laodicea, and for all of those followers who have never met me.

I do it to encourage them. Then as their hearts are joined together in love, they will be wonderfully blessed with complete understanding. And they will truly know Christ. Not only is he the key to God's mystery, but all wisdom and knowledge are hidden away in him. I tell you these things to keep you from being fooled by fancy talk.

Even though I am not with you, I keep thinking about you. I am glad to know that you are living as you should and that your faith in Christ is strong.

Main Point

The fact that Paul was isolated, imprisoned, and had never met the folks in Colossae, didn't seem to dampen his sense of fellowship with them! We know that he prayed for them, wrote to them and here he 'agonises' over them. It sounds painful!

How would you describe your fellowship with other believers - cosy or costly?

Paul also wants them to have a sense of fellowship with Christians in nearby Laodicea - exchanging and reading the letter he had written to that church with the one he was sending them. Have you thought of widening your fellowship to include Christians from other nearby churches?

According to Paul, fellowship has a key purpose. It is to encourage, unite, and lead to a growing understanding of the riches that are ours in Christ. Fellowship must unearth buried treasure! Then we will be able to discern truth, rather than be deceived by fancy words, and stand firm in our faith.

Paul even says that though he is absent 'in body' he still has fellowship with them 'in spirit'. How much more is Christ, though also absent in body, able to meet with us through the dynamic fellowship of the Holy Spirit?


Colossae was in Asia Minor, present-day Turkey. It was here that Christianity spread rapidly during the first century after Jesus' death and resurrection. But Turkey today is a Muslim country and Christians only make up 0.15 per cent of its 73 million population.

What's more, the level of opposition towards Christians living there is currently increasing, as it is in many other parts of the world.

Find out, with others, how you can support and have fellowship with those who are struggling and being persecuted for their faith.

Word on the Web is provided free of charge as part of the ministry of Church Army

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