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Word for Today / ‘Words of Wisdom’

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‘Words of Wisdom’

‘The Sovereign Lord has given me His words of wisdom, so that I know how to comfort.’Isaiah 50:4 NLT

Before the crisis comes, God can prepare you in advance by giving you ‘words of wisdom.’ He did it for Isaiah. You say, ‘But Isaiah was a prophet.’ Yes, but when God first called him, he protested, ‘I am a sinful man.’ (Isaiah 6:5 NLT) That means you can be flawed and still hear from God! Ever been in a room when somebody said something that grabbed your attention? Like a light coming on, your mind was illuminated and you stopped talking. Why? Because what you were hearing were ‘words of wisdom.’

And God won’t just give you insight for your own life, He’ll give you wisdom to share with others. And if you’re humble enough not to dominate every conversation, He’ll also speak to you through them. Think about it: God didn’t create the universe brick by brick—He spoke it into existence with a single sentence. So imagine your possibilities when He gives you ‘words of wisdom’! But first you must learn to recognise His voice, and that takes time. The first few times God spoke to Samuel, he thought it was Eli the high priest talking to him. But he kept listening, and eventually he became God’s voice to the nation. Indeed, he became so good at it that he was able to tell two different kings, ‘This is what the Lord says.’

The point is, you must want to hear, take time to hear from Him and practise listening until you become familiar with His voice.

written by Bob Gass