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Word for Today / ‘God is for me!’

Staff Member
‘God is for me!’

‘If God is for us, who can be against us?’ Romans 8:31 NIV

The question isn’t simply, ‘Who can be against us?’ That’s an easy one to answer: disease, inflation, corruption, exhaustion, calamities, and fears. The real question is, ‘If God is for us…?’ Let’s read these words slowly, placing emphasis on each of them:

(1) God is for you. Your parents may have forgotten you, your teachers may have neglected you, your siblings may be ashamed of you, but within reach of your prayers is the Maker of the oceans: God!

(2) God is for you. Not ‘maybe’, or ‘has been’, or ‘would be if’, but ‘is’! God is for you today, at this minute, as you read this sentence. No need to wait in line and come back tomorrow. He’s with you. He couldn’t be closer to you than He is at this second. His loyalty won’t increase if you’re better, nor lessen if you’re worse. He is for you.

(3) God is for you. Are you too tired to continue? He’ll carry you. Are you too discouraged to fight? He’ll fight for you. Turn to the sidelines; that’s God cheering you on. Look past the finish line; that’s God applauding your steps.

(4) God is for you. When you’re pushed aside, ignored, forgotten, He’s on your case—and He remembers you with delight. We already know He has a scar that says: ‘I have written your name on My hand.’ (Isaiah 49:16 NCV)

So when you get up each morning look in the mirror and tell yourself, ‘God is for me!’

written by Bob Gass
Staff Member

This is uplifting for the believer to look to and hold on to.

I guess I'm stuck on "If" of scripture.
I see it as being conditional as the previous verses point to.

As it would pertains to the unbeliever. The "If" becomes a very big word indeed!! For them that read this. Let's hope & pray that they seek what can insure that the "If" is relegated to history and erased permanently from consideration!

These are uplifting sister.
Thanks for sharing them.
With the Love Jesus Christ.
There is NO doubt that God is for us. The problem is in really always believing it in even what may appear to be the worst of times. So then, Give God the glory!

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