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Word 4U 2day/ Hot passion

Staff Member
Hot passion

'Our enemies were trying to scare us...But I prayed, "God, make me strong."' Nehemiah 6:9

Passion doesn't have to mean mattress springs pinging and underwear straps unhinging. Passion is what will push you through the hard times and keep you pressing on until you've reached the prize. Nehemiah had passion. He's the guy who resigned from a kind of Downing Street BC in order to walk across a desert just to build a wall.

We learn that Nehemiah is always texting God, always dependent on God and puts to good use his God-given organisational skills. We learn that sometimes, just moaning about how bad a situation is not good enough; sometimes we have to take action. But most of all, we see a burning passion that drives Nehemiah on.

You see our biblical Bob the Builder has more than enough reasons to down tools and walk away. In chapters 4 and 6, Nehemiah runs into problems from foreign trouble-makers. His diary reads, 'Our enemies were trying to scare us, thinking, "they will get too weak to work. Then the wall will not be finished." But I prayed, "God make me strong" (Nehemiah 6:9 NCV). That determined attitude ensured Nehemiah built the wall around Jerusalem in just 52 days.

Is there something you believe God has called you to do, but your mind keeps throwing up reality checks telling you to behave and 'who do you think you are?'. Don't quit just yet; pray 'God make me strong' and get a bit of fresh passion inside you.

written by Bob Gass

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