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Word 4 U 2day/ The Caleb cause 'n' effect (2)

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The Caleb cause 'n' effect (2)

'My servant Caleb ... has a different spirit in him' Numbers 14:24

Faith is like taking risks without the risk involved. Sound a bit backwards? Not in Numbers 13. The story goes that God has promised the Jews a home of their own. The only problem is they have to evict the current tenants. So Moses sends 12 spies to assess the situation. Ten come back, tail between their legs, with a report to abort mission. Two come back well up for the risk - Caleb and Joshua.

Haven't all 12 seen the same thing? Apparently not. The ten party poopers only see risk. They see the odds stacked well against them. They see a hopeless situation.

The two see risk - but without the risk. They're full of faith that God has promised them this home. Sure, they know in human terms their chances are slim, but on God's terms the risk is eliminated. God hasn't brought them through forty years in the desert to show them 'what they could've won'. He's presenting them with a new promised land, if they're willing to go for it.

Notice how this story spells out that the majority are not always in the right. If you're up for a Caleb-style risk-riding life, don't expect others to back you up. In all probability you'll be in the minority. Fortunately, God has a special relationship with the minority. He obliterates the risk from their risk taking. Just ask Caleb.

written by Bob Gass

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