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Wittys new poem-Home

Hello everyone! I am going to post another poem! It's called home.


As lonely as a empty playground swing, swaying in the breeze of broken home insanity

As uncomfortable as an old house, shifting under the weight of an explosive parent

As electrifying as a slap, burning nauseous blue

As numb as reality, when you've been punched into the ground

As loud as a scream, only your inner child can hear

As desperate as a woman fighting for her life

As terrified as an infant lying naked in the womb, opening his eyes for the first time to see darkness and hear shrieks of abuse

As anguished as a woman peering out under a mask of bruises, she cant hide

As fast as a woman running from the demon she once thought to be a man

As free as a bird that finally escaped it's cage

As hopeful as a woman silently mending her soul, piecing together confidence as she glows

As powerful as a woman who has finally regained control, in a life that is hers once more

As pure as a baby nestled in the saftey of his mothers arms

As warm as your very own cozy home that flows with Gods love to share with all
Hey witty,
I like it please post more. I will pray that God will bless you and others with your poems
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Great job ! Keep them comming ! You are a wonderful , and refreshing gift to all at T.J. :thumbs_up BROTHER
Hi, Witty! Thanks for sharing your poem with us! It;s very beautiful and I enjoyed so much reading it!

God bless you!