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Wild Fire!

Wild Fire!

Blaze! Blaze! Blaze!

Heart burning with passion!

An eternal flame!

Never caught off-guard!

Flames of His love keep you on your feet!

Blaze! Blaze! Blaze!

No doubt about it!

The fire never burns out!

A light that glows!

A light the darkness never consumes!

Blaze! Blaze! Blaze!

His love spreads like a wild fire...and never to be put out!
Wing Zero,

Nice and abstract with a curious vacillation—there is a mention of Flames of His Love and His Love spreads like Wild Fire, but then the Fire of Love seems to become inverted by a twisted recipient into the black hole of self-absorption—the infernal fire or self-centered love of relative night states suggested by the “come to the dark side we got cookies” finale. To clarify the distinction between heavenly fire and infernal fire, heavenly fire is God’s Love Emanating as the Spiritual Sun—an Aura from the Lord God—whose Spiritual Heat and Light are Divine Love Wisdom—shining like the Morning Star at the inmost level of everyone and everything.
Thanks for the comment ^__^ But actually, that "come to the darkside...we got cookies!" thing is my signature ^^;;;
I am new to this site and did not pick up immediately that was your signiture, but it is still curious. After I posted, I thought maybe i should not have posted my unsolicited interpretive reaction to a poem. And sharing the idea of the Spiritual Sun probably comes across better in poetry, but could not resist throwing in a couple cents.