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Why Pray?

Discussion in 'Prayer Request' started by Chad, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. My friend we walk down this hallow and empty hallway. I hear there judgment towards us. I see them laugh at us. I see them picking on our brother but we are to afraid to explain to them our pain. And because I have broken from even you my friend, I suffered alone, you can say I have already died in life. But through all that darkness I saw this light afraid of all the darkness of this world. And fallowed it. Even tho it was small it was wiser then anything imaginable. He showed me the way out of that dark and empty halls. But as it showed me the way out, we talked and sealed a pack, that we would never have to walk alone anymore. And my heart burst into tears because; a friend I had found deep within myself: my Heart, the truth, and the Key to my happiness and before he let me out of the darkness he said goodbye. """"Confused"""" are you not coming to enjoy this light. Then his last lesson would come. " NO ONE GETS LEFT BEHIND" I will stay here with you I said. But he refused, he said I would not understand him. But if he had shown me out the way out. I could not leave, and I would not leave. He told me if I was sure and i said, yes without you I would have never found the way. So show me the way in this darkness you call my heart, so I can come visit you every night before my sleep. So we can have some brother to brother talk and then have some fun. So I came back every night and awoke by his side everyday. But the judgment of people was to much for us to carry alone. And when I reached out with my hand, it was slapped down. Slowly my joy was no more the judgment of people would separate me from my true friend who I called Jesus for my Gods sake. But he said the ring on your finger with my words is just a symbol of fate, he who believes in me holds the power to move a mountain not in a ring or cross but within the heart. (Soul)

    You deserve to know what happen to me on August 31, 2014. Me and 4 friends would see Jesus suffer once more. As we walked at his side he showed us things. But before this could all fit in ill start by saying. The truth is known and with it comes the son and the father, expect a warm Christmas and judge for your self as the story of creation awaits those who seek it. And before you think wrong I am not the one you seek. I am but the man who was luck to watch the movie before it's release. So again I am just a voice that needs to be guided for I am scared at what I witness. So here my prayers people and let's help God together as one team. And move that mountain.

    Finally for he who was patient and saw till the end, ignoring my horrible grammar. On august 31, at around 2-3 3 worlds came into one scene. When SATURN, Mars and the earth became the star. Everyone would show THIER true color. In afrika the moon would shine Gold. And wile some let thier greed distract them. Those who suffered saw the truth. The reflection of earth would be seen from another point of view. And thanks to 4 meddling kids including myself. Saw his coming and it was Good:)))
    "You the people of my pears judge for them, and make them see as I, before I go and serve more time for this injustice so here it goes,,,
    •••On August 31, 2014 something happen that I could not believe. When I was on my way out from a place I did not want to be. I was pointed out for the crowd to see. I told the security guard that I was not the one they seek. I told him that I had nothing to hide and to check me THIER and then. I told him I spoke the truth, but he did not care. He asked for my ticket. But I didn't have one because it was my first time there. (And if they never asked for one at any of the gates that was not my mistake. How was I suppose to know I was trespassing, if your security let me in?) I told him he had the wrong guy, but he still had to do his job and I understood that so I went with him. I asked him if he thought it was fair, that someone should have to go threw this shame for the choices of others when I had no blame. He did not respond so I told him "what if you are wrong"" Then what?? cause I can sue you for this injustice"? No reply.
    Next I saw the head of security who would show me no respect at all for the mistakes of others. He came up to me and asked me for my name I told him "Jose Aguirre" he said bull**** do you have an ID? I showed him truth with my Identity card. But The man did not seem to even care. ((Two)) times had they already called me a lier. And As we got into the van the man told me to sit. He could not find a place to sit so he sat at my right. As he told me to move over in the rudest way. I told him to show me some respect. Once we drove into the police spot on campus the sat us on a table, I sat closest to the man guarding the exit. Then 3 policemen came to find out our information. The tallest Cop standing in the middle asked for my name. As I began to say " Jose Aguirr " He told me to cooperate. I could not believe all this disbelieve. Especially threw the eye of what I thought was doing Great. In that moment I could no longer hold it in. The pain of all the lies had to end. I burst out in pain, the pain I felt that day took me back in time to when I was depressed. But deep inside me something told me everything would soon be ok. So I pulled it together as those around me laughed and mocked my pain. Without being told if I new my rights the cold metal of the chains touched my skin. As I walked passed the caged door my rights were still not informed. As you took my stuff and touched my body you still had not said the magic words. You had broken all your own rules. Once you had what you needed a cop told me """""""if I knew my rights"""""""" but a little to late for protocol don't you think. You can not violate THIER space until the rights are read. And you had already handcuffed me, taken from me, violated my body, and worst of all you judged me without even knowing me, with all disbelieve you showed me. And still you would not believe so I ended spending the night in jail that night. When morning came I was still awake for the fear I felt would not let me sleep. Finally like around noon we were released.

    In other words I was found guilty for stepping on my neighbors lawn and wanting to leave but instead I was held against my own will when you put the chains on me.

    Thank you for your time Jesus Christ bless US all. In the name of the Father, the Son, and our Holly spirit, forever and ever. Again thank you my brothers and sisters :(
  2. I think If you often pray ,you will often receive God’s supply within, the purpose of praying is that one can come before God and receive the things which God will give man.
  3. In the past, I did not have much knowledge of prayer. I thought that in one’s believing in God, as long as he was sincere and obedient and submissive to God and did whatever he was asked to do, it would be enough, and it was not important to pray more or less. And even to the two daily prayers in the morning and at night, I treated them perfunctorily. As a result, I often lived in the flesh and the bondage of satan, which led to the consequence that my heart and spirit always couldn’t be set free; I always had a feeling of depression within and thought that it was so hard and difficult to believe in God.But now i kown:
    Prayer is not a ritual, and it has meaning in many, many aspects. From prayer, you can see that one is directly serving God. If you take it as a ritual, you certainly cannot serve God well. If you do not pray to God with your heart and do not pray genuinely, in God’s eyes you do not count and do not exist. Then you won’t have the Holy Spirit’s working. From now on, no prayer, no work. It is prayer that brings forth work and brings forth service. You say you are one who serves God, but if you never, never put effort into your prayer and are never serious with your prayer, your service in whatever way will fail.
    If you can often come before God and can often, can often pray, it proves that you take God seriously, you take God seriously. If you often make no prayer and do things by yourself, doing this or that thing behind God’s back, you are not, not serving God but carrying out your own management. Then aren’t you condemned? Outwardly you seem to cause no, cause no disturbance and speak no blasphemy, but you are doing your own things. Then aren’t you causing disruption? Although outwardly you seem to cause no disruption, in nature, in nature you are resisting God. from “The Significance and Practice of Prayer” in Christ’s Talks with Church Leaders and Workers
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    Thanks for sharing brother:) I will more focus on prayer now and it is a very important way to build the relationship with God. If we seldom have the prayer, the relationship between God and I just like a stranger. Although God knows me and presides my fate, I even don't know him it I don't pray....
    So What is the significance of prayer?
  5. I was looking for a place to thank the ones who prayed for me and to tell them it was not in vain. Since then I have felt better physically and mentally. And, I not just saying that either. For example my sugar glucose level has been under control ...........first time it has been consistently in a LONG time. How does 116 and not 208 sound?
    UH O, here come the deceiver again telling me it is not so.
    Oh well, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus. There that did it again.
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  6. The answer from God’s word:

    “Prayer is a path for man to cooperate with God, a way for man to call on God, and a course for man to be moved by God’s Spirit. It can be said that a person without prayer is a dead one without a spirit, and it shows that he does not have the organ to receive God’s moving. Without prayer, one cannot have a normal spiritual living, much less keep up with the working of the Holy Spirit. Without prayer, one’s relationship with God will be cut off and he cannot receive God’s approval. As a believer in God, the more one prays, that is, the more moving he receives from God, the stronger will he will have and the more he can receive the newest inspiration from God. Thus, such a person can be perfected by the Holy Spirit sooner.”

    from “On the Practice of Prayer”
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  7. Britte, yes, Prayer is a way of talking to God in order to include His will in your life. I talk to God a lot. Through joy and bad times. I wouldn't know what to do without him. I have been through A LOT in my life and consider it a privileged to still be chastised and loved by Him. I have grieved the Holy spirit and learned what the difference between temptation and submitting to God and His will. It is not easy at times but I find that if trouble comes I simply wait on the Lord for guidance. I have to tell myself to shut up at times. Actually, there is no where to turn after you have done your best
  8. The most fundamental thing about prayer is having a relationship with our Maker James 4:8. In 1 Corinthians 2: 9-16 we see what prayer does, the eternal purpose is fulfilled in us and through us when we pray.
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