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Why? How come?

Ok here is a question um well how come it is so much easier for girl to say to a girl " I love you " like friends, but so much harder for a girl to to say to a guy " I love you " like girlfriend boyfriend?
1989 well i think its maybe because god made us boys and girls attracted to each other, there might be a time when you say to a boy i love you just as you say to you girlfriend, but he may take it the wrong way, and vice versa. and maybe deep down you wouldnt want to hurt anyones feeling so it seems harder to say it.

However we shouldnt be scared to say i love you, just be discerning as we do say it. GBU.
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That would be because it entails commitment, a commitment that goes way beyond just friends.

You can tell someone you love them but should think what true love is and means before telling anyone that you love them.

John 15:13 "Greater love has no one than this, that one lay down his life for his friends.(NASB)

Peace be with you,
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Good first line brother John.

I told every "chic" in my elementary school I love them. They all turned down my appllication LOL (I am the first human being in modern day times that proposted 'jokingly somewhat' to a girl in 4th grade LOL).

Love is great and very precoius so don't propose to anyone if your in 4th grade like I did 15 years ago :D
Thanks so much for your help every one. I feel much better now thanks for your help
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lol, saying I love you to my friends, well i do it all the time, guys and girl. I love them in Christ and I tell them. but I guess it is so much harder to tell a guy you like, i love you. but hey, I enjoy telling others they are loved. lol. well whatever... i'm just blabbing now. adios
Hey Rachelle,
even though im a guy lots of my friends are girls. and some say love ya to me all the time, in a friendly way. but with my ex gurlfriend (dont ask y we broke up its a lon story... but i still luv her) ...yes im single (but not avalable) well it took her 3 months to tell me that she luved me. i think it was cuz of the meaning and the weight of the statement, i believe that the more u love the person the harder it would be to tell the person "I love you" for the first time.

hope that helps...
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