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Why Do I?

Why Do I?

Why do I Fast & Pray?
Lord because i need your strenght everyday!
By nature I'm weak,
And without you Lord i won't survive a week.
I pray to you my God because your are my strenght,
when i'm weak you are my Protector and you solve all
the things that are troubling my soul and spirit.
You Bless me with your Presence,
You sorround me with soo much Love
that i do not deserve.
That is why I Fast & Pray,
Lord because i need your strenght everyday!
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Hi Manuel! You came to check out the site eh. Well God bless you! Thanks for that poem, I am going through a hard trial right now. My ex has just started up the custody battle for my 17 month old son. I am terrified. My ex was very mentally and physically abusive and he tortured me for years. He doesnt even care about my son he has always just used him to hurt me. Just the thought of him touching my sweet boy kills me. I am praying and fasting so that God will protect my baby. Even if he does get visitation I know I couldnt leave my son there with him. I cant go into details but I'll just say my ex is an evil sadist. Anyways thanks for that poem it made me feel better. Please pray for me Manuel and thanks for checking out Talk Jesus. From Julie Young aka Witty! Oh yeah for my poems, well more of them go to the arts and entertainment section.
Praise the Lord Julie :eek:) I was going to add one of my poems that i have in my website but out of nowhere i got inspired right on that very moment to write that poem. Our worship team at church are recording our first CD and Satan has tried really hard to divide us and i made a vow to God to fast from Monday through Thursday every week until i feel that is time so that God can bless us. Our worship team has been together for 13 years and we are recording a spanish Praise & Worship CD so keep us in your prayers and i will also keep you in my prayers and fastings. God Bless You!