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Why Can't I Chat?

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I have been a member for quite some time now, but can never get into chat! It kept saying I didn't have enough posts, but now I have 10 posts but it *still* won't let me in. It's very frustrating :S Any tips?!
maybe try writing to the administrator Chad . . .or the other forum leaders on the bottom of the homepage? they will know and answer you :love: God bless you :love: keep posting and enjoy the forum, maybe God wants to show you something before spending all your time in the chatroom
Hi lc_sar! I think you need 20 forum entries to be able to get inot the chatroom. God Bless You!
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lc_sar...you need 5 posts minimum and 2 days active account. Once you have reached the 5 (it was originally 10 at the time you posted this before I changed it to 5) the database does not update immediatley. Be patient and give it time. It usually updates each hour of the day. If it doesn't work, it may be teasing you I don't know lol.

God bless you :D
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