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What's In A Name?

Hey guys! I don't mean to offend anybody by this but I just want to share God's blessings to you.What's in a name? Well, it's very important. For what you call yourself it will happen to you. For example, I was an itchy and irratable person, not anymore ha. That's why I call sign here as "gentle" because that's God's will for me and that is what I am , and wants to be. I want blessings in my life that's why I speak and think blessings to me. In Numbers 14:23 it says that God will do to us what we fear or in other translations he will do to us what he heard us say. That's why when somebody asks how I am, I always reply, Fine, blessed by the Lord living in a prosperous life. Even though I'm going through difficult times. Because that's what I want to happen in my life. In names for example it has meanings. If your name has a negative meaning, you can ask others to call you by a blessed name.Look at Jesus' disciples, He changed their names as a new person and a blessings.

God bless us guys. Peace is with us.
Gentle ... so very right ! God changed Jacobs name to Israel ! You should always speak Gods blessings over you're life . Thanks for the insight . BROTHER :love: :boy_hug:
Staff Member
Very strong point Gentle. I know someone else mentioned this a while back as well. A good reminder for me personally. It is something I have already come to learn, but always room to try harder and be more of a light of faith in Christ
It's so awesome to be in agreement with each other. The Lord said that when just two are in agreement the matter will be done according to His perfect will. What a wonderful God we serve. He would never do anything to hurt us. He has taken all the pain for us. He has protected us from forces and in ways that have not even entered into our minds. I am ashamed of how I have been so ignorant of His mighty love and presence in my life. His love is truly better than life. Praise His Holy Name that He has given us each, whom He has adopted into His family, a brand new name. ^^^^^jmh137