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What Tv shows are good to watch?

Discussion in 'Teen Hangout' started by SmileyJanell, Jul 14, 2016.

  1. I recently deleted the links/favorites of TV shows that weren't good for me and promoted negative messages. The bright side of that is that I feel more positive and brighter.
    TV shows and media were pretty much my life and now I don't know what to do to pass the time anymore.
    I'm starting to get into the The Word but what do I do after that or what tv shows are good that don't "darken" me up?
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  2. Hello! I understand exactly where you are coming from. Most of my time, before knowing God, was spent binge watching Netflix, a lot of which were definitely not good for my mind set at all, some however, were better. Mostly what I watch now are more Jesus centered stuff, movies like Do You Believe?, Heaven Is For Real, God's Not Dead, God's Not Dead 2, Where Was God, and there are of course a whole lot of other movies like that. Pureflix is something that has shows and movies as well, I've never used it though because it requires payment, and I'm only 15. But there are some shows that give really good messages as well, that aren't purely Jesus centered, but they teach good things like Doctor Who (some things might not be as well aligned depending on your view, but that's only a rare occurrence in the show.) You just have to make sure you don't get so caught up in T.V. that it affects your relationship with God, like don't put it above God, because He's pretty fantastic! I only say that because that's what I would used to do, and it was not the best idea on my part. There are other things as well that are out there if you want more good variety. I'm sure I could probably list more, regular shows/movies or more Christian movies/shows just let me know which one, or both, you'd rather have listed, so that I don't bore you with my long paragraphs lol! There's also a podcast that's really been helping me lately that I'd recommend, Heart Made Whole by Christa Black Gifford. I didn't really like it till the second podcast, but if you search it on google with her name it should pop up, she has books and songs as well. - Alice
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  3. Alice you are one wise 15 year old I must say what a pleasure reading your post. Wise beyond your years for sure !!!
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  4. Haha thank you so much! I'm glad, I'm usually nervous when I write to other people and am almost certain I said something wrong when I get a notification about it, so I really do appreciate it, it makes me feel less nervous about it! Thank you! God bless you!!!!
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  5. No TV is a smart option.
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  6. So true. I watch very little/no tv. On a whim a few weeks ago I watched some History Channel & Discovery. I thought there may be something on there that was interesting to watch, suitable for a Christian. Come to realize that even these "benign" channels feature a lot of shows that are laced with innuendo and obscenities, soft core suggestions, etc.. The weather channel is nothing but sensationalism, doom and gloom, of course we all know about all of the major news networks and their agenda... I'm done with tv altogether. Youtube is fine for me, I can pick and choose to watch Godly videos.
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  7. amazon has some great Christian videos also
  8. It is really a shame that there is so much truth in your statement. All of the good that could be done through this means of communication and yet, what is good in it is often or usually smothered by that which is evil. But we won't get into the difference between good and evil here, will we?
  9. No.
  10. Please ignore @floor7. Account closed for trolling and causing strife. All impure motives here.

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