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What is your job, work interests and hobbies?

Discussion in 'Water Cooler' started by KingJ, Jun 22, 2017.

  1. Wow a carpenter like Jesus :)
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  2. Hi @pookiejr

    Well they range from age 16 down to 3

    So playing, singing, music, swimming, drawing, reading etc......:smile:

    Cuddling, hugging, laughing :love:

    Fighting, squabbling and arguing.....:what:

    That just about sums it up!

    I just pray they all grow up to love Jesus.
  3. Sounds like kids to me.:laughing:

    But yes, amen to wanting your children to desire to serve the Lord
  4. I am a full time security guard and my interest and hobbies include technology and gaming.
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  5. Full time care giver for the last 14 years to a dear friend with physical and mental disabilities.

    Dreaming of guiding again and staying up to date with the ever changing water shed.

    Still ride bikes for play and figuring out my next build of a new bmx klunker.

    Mostly embrace growth in Christ and sit under various teachings hours every day.

    Once I can be in a better environment, I am desiring getting back to playing drums and disappearing a few hours a day.

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  6. Most Diggings are ancient trash piles...know how to look for those signs!
  7. Automotive technician working at Walmart Tire and Lube Express. I love to council others when they seek it. I also love to read a variety of books, fiction mostly, christian, action, scifi. I also like keeping abreast of those I care about.
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  8. Full time homemaker here. Retired ten years ago from my job as shipper/receiver at an AC Delco jobber. Enjoyed the inventory aspect of the job and the fill-in delivery driving, but not so much the hand-bombing multiple skids of car batteries for stock or shipment. The consistent heavy lifting got to be too much for my wrists to take, but it was the best job for allowing me to spend as much time as possible with the Lord in the course of a workday. I was a young Christian at the time, and grew a lot spiritually while I was at that job, by God's grace.

    The Lord let me leave it after my husband was done paying monthly child support and I've taken care of the house since then, which still lets me spend a lot of time when he's at work in Bible reading, Bible study, prayer and listening to Sermon Audio.

    Over the past ten years since leaving work I've written a blog that isn't currently active as I rework it and I've learned to quilt. I served in various capacities at church, which I miss, but I'm currently between churches. I was also co-admin with five other people at a King James fellowship forum between 2009-2016 when the Lord saw fit to close us down. We were all ready to move on.

    This past year has been spent learning how the provincial legal system works, first as a claimant in a small claims case that settled out of court, and more recently helping my husband and his brothers with the administrative end of settling their father's estate. Both those things have been a full time job unto themselves.

    Other than that, I enjoy reading, cooking, hiking, cycling the area rail trails and bombing around the lake on the SeaDoo at the family cottage. Hoping to do some snowshoing this winter if we actually have snow that stays on the ground.
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  9. I've been a postage stamp collector since I was about 8 years old. [I am now 74.] As a child there was little money but no necessity as there were lots of stamps on the incoming daily mail. I have in the past been quite active in a number of stamp clubs and traded stamps by mail with people all over the world until shortly before my retirement. In the 1990's before stopping that part I was trading with about 40 different collectors in primarily Europe and South America. I made good use of my Spanish to join stamp clubs in other countries as well as to communicate with collectors.

    A few years ago I stopped actively collecting, but I have well in excess of 100,000 stamps. I still work regularly sorting the stamps, but I no longer trade. Now I am gradually selling my collection. I'll not get rich on it but I enjoy it as much as I did the collecting. It takes a lot of work to prepare a booklet with stamps to sell and send them off to the club with which I obtained a life member ship many years ago. They take care of getting the books out to collectors and after taking out a percentage they send me any profits about once a year. My wife usually has it spent for special needs within a month of receipt.

    While I am selling my main collection [world wide, primarily used], when I finish preparing a book of stamps [250 regular sized stamps per book] before mailing it I scan each page so that I have good pictures of every stamp I have owned as I will never again see many of the original stamps.

    For many years I belonged to a local stamp club where we met weekly or monthly to trade stamps and engage in stamp auctions. At one time it was a busy time and I got a lot of enjoyment from it. As the general interest in stamp collecting declined so did the membership. When our numbers dropped down to only two people, myself and one other, we decided to disband the club.
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  10. Sales associate for Dollar General. Before that I was in construction for 7 years and 2 combined stints of 10 years at Aramark Uniform Services. Arthritis and middle age means I don't get around nearly like I used to.

    I used to collect Star Trek memorabilia back in the day, but I sold it all as I lost interest. I am a video game junkie, and I love sudoku puzzles. The harder they are, the better.
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  11. Sounds like it could be a tiring job @Brad Huber !
  12. Sometimes its tiring when we are super busy, but I like the work, so you know how it is when you do something you like.
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