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what do ya think?

personally.. i dont really mind..

i go 2 one churches youth group, an occassionally their church... an i also go 2 my church..

an wen i leave 2 go 2 uni.. ill b goin 2 the church we're ill b @ uni, as well as my home-town church.. so yea.. i dont mind it...
Well i guess it woudl depend on the Vibe you feel from the church i mean i am hapy with my church ATM, well actually i am happy with Amiz's Church wotn call it my church havnt been goign there for TT long. but then again i am happy with Kailz's church also which is a diff one. but yeah i guess that if you feel you get more from different Church then you should stuick with it. but you shoudl be tryign out all different church first before you decide on ONE particular church so yeah...

but liek Aimz i dont hink i mind all that much..

Love Simon!!!

why what do you think Bam?
hey, Going to two different churches, well that's okay, but you gotta look at the reasons behind why you go to two churches and not one. if you can, read the book, "stop dating the church and fall in love with the body of Christ" or something like that. but it explains some stuff about sticking to one church. If i had time i would expand. but you gotta stick to one church and actually work there, not just "date" the church. you gotta be in love with it. Well you'll have to read the book to understand. if you want to know more...just pm me. well gots to run, laters,
Sis, Tanya
It depends if you are going to just go or if you are being led by the Lord. The Lord can and does use people in many Churches, like St. Paul he started and preached in many, many churches.
Pray on it and let the Lord lead you,

Peace be with you,
Your Brother in Christ,
I think its ok I just think you should choose one to be involved in leading and helping. In our church we have 12 youth leaders under our youth pastor who basically pray and council and do youth if the pastor has to concentrate on one person. Its cool to be part of it....
i think (and with some consulting with "star"). i think it is wrong to go to two churches, if ur at a chruch and they arent giving you your spiritual food then that would explain you going to another chruch, also you can go visit a chruch with someone like once every two months or something like that, but you odont become a memeber there. say for example i sometimes go with my gran (when im staying the weekend) to her church, people know me and greet me but i dont got there every sencond sonday, and when im on holiday, i go to any chruch that is close, just because i want to go to chruch, that doesnt meen im a memeber of that chruch and i go there constantly. but if i offended any body, pls dont ban me, i really enjoy tj (ill keep my opinions to my self). anyways, sorry
God bless
thanks for all the replys....the reason i asked is b/c i just moved in with my mom and step dad...they attend a different church but it's almost like the one that i call my church home. i love their youth group but i like my pastor better....i go to my mom and step dads church on sunday morning and wendesday nights and i go to my church on sunday nights and thursday nights....i have no problem with this but i just wanted everyone elses opinion.
Well, I think that going to different Churchs is alright, but really, they should be the same religion. I don't think its good to go to a different Church every Sunday, though. How will you fellowship with people and get to know them? i can understand when your looking for a Church, but I don't think its good to kgo from Church to Church to Church every Sunday or Church day. Thats just my opinion, though. You must find a Church that speaks the truth, so I guess whatever you gotta do, you know?
well i don't really have a choice...i have to go to my mom and step dads church b/c they want to go to church as a family but i ain't gonna up root from a church that i've been going to for the past 7 months or so...ya get what i'm saying? ummmm...
both of the churches are the same type of church. but like i said earlier...i have no problem going to these 2 different churches....i know plenty of people at both churches.... :thumbs_up
oh, sorry if id known that i wouldnt have said what i said, (it a very different curcumstances).
sorry if i was harsh,
God bless, vlooi
I usually go to two churches, as my dad is a pastor at one of them, and I go to a youth church which I call my main church.
Heya! Yeah, I don't think it matters. If we're all Christians, we are all part of Jesus' body. Some people might think it's odd or whatever to attend two churches. I don't think it matters. What matters is if you're being lead byt God to go there and are actually learning important things about yourself, God, Christian living, being a reflector of God's Light, etc. What matters is if you are growing in the Lord and using your life fully to make a difference through Him and for Him, serving others. I think it's cool. (-;