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What do we learn from the present situation

What do we learn from the present situation? I'm referring to the present situation of corona virus.
Or better said what did we miss or left behind until now?( At least some of us )
We see that in time like this people are looking for something to get hold on. Something to give them the answer they are looking for. The other day as I was standing on a queue in front of a supermarket there was a women in front of me, and as we were waiting I saw that she sighed saying " oh Lord ". Obviously many people do that at any time, but I could see that she did it in a deeper than the usual way. Now, we don't know if she was sincere, but all of this means to me that in times like this people are thinking more of God than before for sure. They are trying to look up to God. People are looking for an answer, for hope, as no one can give them a proper answer or solution for now. That's why is very important that they can look in the right place, in the right direction for it. And that's why it is so important to proclaim more than ever the gospel in times like this. Of course that we might be limited as some of us have to stay at home, but we need to look for different ways as we can.
And this is the reason why we go through times like this. We us christians have maybe forgotten certain principles of the Christians life. One of this is to be watchful for example. " Watch therefore, for you do not know what hour your Lord is coming. " Matthew 24:42
Somehow we became too comfortable ( I am speaking in general, I know not everyone lives in this way ).
And it is not always wrong, but being in this way we usually forget things like being watchful, depending on God for everything and others. And are we going to be the same if this time passes or we are going to learn something out of it? He is reminding us in this time of how important is to pray, to have communion with Him. We even have more time to do it now. And we can understand how fragile actually we are.
Because even if these are not the last times ( I'm referring to the Great tribulation, and maybe we are in, we don't know ) how are we going to come out when this is finished? Are we gong to say: " Ok, everything is fine now at least, and we can go back to the normality and carry on with or life. This might be a lesson to prepare us for the times to come. How to face it. Even if this is not the very end, it might come for the next generation or the people after that. No one knows the hour. And how are they going to learn to watch as Matthew 24:42 says, if they don't see it in us. If they don't see this example. Or how are they going to know how to go through tough times. That's why these times are maybe just a shadow of what is about to come. And definitely we need to come out different from these times and to learn how to trust more in God, to learn somethings that we probably left behind, To be " watchful " in the sense in which Jesus spoke is a condition in which our heart is, it is an attitude.
Well, I think this is the continuation of the beginnings that many cannot recognise as the bible claims, but only a few. And Covid-19 is another confirmation. In which “Covid-19” does not produce fear but confirmation without discussion.

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