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What a Man !

He appered like ordinary men
Nobility ,he knew not
His nature ,we can hardly tell
Awsome ,is is name

The psalmist called him wondeful counsellor
A rock that surrounds jerusalem ,he described him
To Isaiah he is King , Lord almighty
Whose glory fills the earth
The angel seraphs sing
Holy Holy Holy ,Lord God Almighty
Ho what a man!

Yahweh, Jeovah,El, AM,are all his names,
Messiah, rabi,Christ,Is what he is called
To nations ,he is known by many names,
Yet he never changes,
Oh,the immutable one

Before the times,he was
When the ages are,He is,
After the ages , he will be.

The prophets referred to him
And the desciples witnessed.
Stronger than the strongest,
The Lion of judah, we confirmed

To Abraham ,he is a burning torch,
Yet moses saw a dazzling light,
Elijah called him down as fire,
The flames of Nebuchadnezzar could not consume him,
And he stopped the Jaws of lions against Daniel.

Arise you his people,and praise him
Shout to him you the oppressed,
for He is a father to the fatherless
An everpresent hope in times of sorrow.
When all things fail,try him.

At him ,nature marvelled
Like dead,but Alive
Death tried,but gave up
So did the devil

The cross for the wicked ,he assended
Sins of the perverts , he Bore
At the peak of his afflictions, he still forgave
The sun closed its eye on his shamefull death
And the earth shook in anguish
For a king descended to hell.

Glory to him , i say glory
Hell could not contain Him
And hades spat him back
To life he came
More perfect than refined Gold,
So pure ,nothing could corrupt .

To him a kingdom was given
And a throne relinquished,
where upon he sat.
To recieve the worships of the angels
For light ,he is in heaven
We too ,in obedience shout
Worthy is the awesome one
The prince of peace, forever he reigns.

Oh , what a man!
To the outcast, he sticks closer than a brother,
Even his enemies, he took away their infirmities
who supersedes the lord in marcy?

His majesty is more than the world can state
For he is more than awesome.
On the water ,he walked, this magician,
without formulaes, he multiplied bread ,this statistician
His tongue,the illiterates speak, what a linguist
Without lesson plan he taught for hours ,what aprofessor
To heal ,he needs no theatre, the great surgeon,
To acquit ,he needs only repentance from you, not witnesses ,this judge

Oh ,how he distorted the order of nature
For, to him nature belongs.
The Lord God Is his Name!!!!!