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*waves* just saying hi.

Thought I should introduce myself.

I'm Sunny from Tasmania in Australia. I'm 22, am part of the national organisation 'Youth Alive' in my state, and play for the Tas Youth Alive Band. Am also the North West Coordinator for Youth Alive in Tasmania.

I love music, I play Guitar (PRS trenonti SE), Bass, Drums and sing, I also lead our local youth band at my awesome church.

I am keen to get into a new forum, as my last was shut down due to an influx of unsavory users. I love discussion about our Lord, stetching and growing.. learning and helping others along the way too.

so there.. that's all for now.

Take care.
Welcome Max!
God willing we will avoid those problems here and we will all learn and grow and grow and grow!
hi max welcome to talkjesus. hope u get to enjoy for here there are the children of God and we are His servants. u greatly appreciated here.