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Watching through the window

Staff Member
Watching through the Window

"I love all who love me." Proverbs 8:17

The day was cold, so I stood behind the window in our foyer, watching my husband as he helped our grandson ride his new tricycle. There was a slight incline in our driveway toward the street, and Jimmie would stand behind the trike, gently pushing it with his foot. Our grandson would turn around at the top of the hill, pedal a little, and take off down the hill as fast as he could! I held my breath as he headed for the rose bushes, thorns and all. Tanner called out,"papa, papa- help! My husband ran over, grabbed the handlebars, and steered him in a safe direction.

Isn't this just what God is willing to do for His children? He is available to us- in any kind of emotional weather. It can be in a time of calm, a time of storm, when our hearts are cold and feel broken, or in times of joy. He is willing to aid us up the hill of life- gently pushing us to make the grade. Then, if on the downward roll things get out of control, we need only to call out," Abba, Abba, help me!" He will; no doubt about it. He loves each of His children so much- that's you and me- that He will come to our aid when we ask Him to. What a loving Abba- how blessed we are.
Yes we are very blessed, I thank our Lord Jesus that he is my friend,my brother,my savor and I can have felloship with our Lord God almight through my savor Jesus Christ.....
Thank you Chad for your wonderful work for our Lord..God loves you very much.........
I realize how blessed we are everyday more and more. God never ceases to amaze me, or leave me hanging.