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Warning about Action Actors like Tom Cruise

Discussion in 'Stories' started by robaston, Oct 8, 2016.

  1. no problem for me if you disagree but Tom Cruise has become one of most dangerous satanic actors out there. The marks are glaring...attention-getting, pointless thrill rushes, beyond-normal human capability.

    through his representation of scientology demons, there is a satanic hex from watching him and certainly by being impressed by his feats
  2. Not watching TV/ Movies anymore ( I find most of them silly & a waste of my time, YMMV), so I don't know any of the actors/actresses antics per se', but of course, Hollywood/New York is largely run by demonic influence anyway, so what can one expect out of it? It is serious though, because they do reach young minds, when they are most influential, and that is a large problem that needs to be dealt with on a spiritual level.
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  3. This is always a problem with anyone who has been talent and/or opportunity to succeed in this world of confusion. I have personally known about at least two people who were born with a great musical talent and when they developed it and pursued it they let themselves be drawn away from God instead of toward Him.

    God gave all of us all that we have... but what is His purpose for what He has given us? Remember the final result for by the man who buried his talent rather than using it to accomplish his lord's purpose [Matt 25:28]?

    We cannot be too harsh in our treatment of particular people who have effectively buried their talents in the eyes of God such as the one mentioned in the OP. Rather, let us include them in our prayers that God might open their hearts and their eyes to Him.
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  4. Well I wouldnt pay any attention to many hollywood actors now, especially after seeing a film doco like Scientology going Clear.

    It is sad that these people are caught up in these narcissistic cults but the best thing to do is not spend your time watching them trying to hypnotise you with their good looks lol.

    It certainly isnt for any real 'acting skills' that they possess..
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  5. Very Well Said Sir!!
    God Bless
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  6. I stopped watching movies and TV, too. Got rid of our TV in 2008, and most of our movies, then, too. Have tried some Christian films since then, but few good ones IMO. We used to be big movie watchers, though, which was not good. TV not as much. Not hard to give up TV. Don't miss it. Movies were a little harder, but not bad. Life is so much better for me without them, though. I wonder how I ever found time for TV and movies.
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  7. Now you're time is apparently filled with the things of God. Your regular input here has always been a great blessing to me.
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  8. @amadeus2 - yes, now my time is filled up with God and with all that he has for me to do. All glory to God! Thank you for these encouraging words. I thank the Lord that he has used me to to be a blessing to you. You and your messages on here bless my heart, as well. Glory to God.
  9. yea movies are a waste of time I found. I wouldn't pay to go see them unless they were recommended.
    Although there are now some good christian ones.

    But in general I think people pay movies esp Hollywood far more attention than it deserves. In the normal scheme of things, someone pretending to be someone else in a made up story isn't really going to impact our lives one bit.
  10. Would you take the same approach with all creative arts -- theatre, novels, fine art, poetry, music, sculpture?
  11. Absolutely! !
    It has taken years for God to remove all kinds of junk out of my thinking. I am not about to go put more junk to worm around in my thinking only to have to root them out.

    No! I am very Selective to what I allow into my eyes and ears and working hard to protect what comes out of my mouth as well.
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  12. I agree for the most part with you Lanolin. Lol ok totally with the exception of Christian Made Movies.

    Such as
    Faith Like Potatoes
    What if
    WWJD ( both 1 and 2)
    Gospel of John
    Facing the Giants
    And many more!!

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  13. I think with arts anything that brings Glory to God (who is the ultimate creator) is wonderful.

    People ought to worship God more than creation. So yes, be selective about what you spend your time on. Don't just go to everything and anything.
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  14. "And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good..." Gen 1:31

    And then men had their way with those very good things and now, BEHOLD, the world in which we live!
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  15. Amen Brother Amen
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  16. Scientology is just the most bizarro cult ever..

    I read a memoir of a girl who was brought up in it. I couldnt make much sense of it because it made no sense lol.

    However it does suck people in. I did have a friend who got involved in it for a while. She said what they learn is like they are evolving from these sea creatures into these superhuman like beings called thetans.

    And they have to keep studying to be clear and remove all their bad memories but the way to do this is keep giving money to the scientologists and buying their sci-fi books (which they believe in) by ron l hubbard.

    That us why when anyone tells me they a big fan of sci fi or fantasy fiction I give them a wide berth because if they not careful they could believe in their own sci fi fantasies and end up making their own tax free religion like ron l hubbard.
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  17. My wife's only surviving brother [she had 4 and no sisters], a resident of San Francisco for many years, is also a higher up among scientologists, According to him, scientology is not a religion at all, but a way of life. He says it is not unusual for practitioners to also belong to a church group. While he gave us a number of Ron Hubbard's books, I have never able to bring myself to read them. They are still on my shelf for reference if I should ever need such a reference.

    My brother-in-law, in addition to working a full-time job, spends more of his non-working hours in his scientology studies and activities than most people I know devote to Jesus. The time element does make one wonder. Of course, since we have lived outside of California for more than 30 years we don't communicate much with him.
  18. I don't read scientology books.
    They do have them in the public library but they don't appeal to me whatsoever.

    I think you have to like sci-fi to get anything out of them.
    I've heard that Dianetics is like the best selling book in america but lots of books claim bestselling status so I take it with a mountain of salt. lol.

    As for Tom Cruise. Well.

    The thing with actors is they become ego-driven it used to be movies had actors in them playing a part right..and it didn't matter who the actor was as long as they were in the role and acted.

    Now it has become like the actors or actresses are the stars and more important than the story they trying to portray. They're not. In the old days actors weren't even credited you wouldn't even know who they really were cos they were pretending to be someone else and their real names didn't matter.

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