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Warm hearted Thanks

I would like to say thank you to everyone for showing there amazing kindness and love towards me. I mean I have only been a member on here for less than one week and already despite some of the questions I have asked I have found that people have been so loving and patient in the answerd they have given. I am just so happy. Thank you so much everyone, I don't even know how I really came here in the first place I was just looking at christain forums on the internet and stumbled acorss this one, without really thinking just decided to sign up. Very happy and glad that I did!


Francesca :shade:
Staff Member
Glad you joined us and you enjoy the community sister :)

GOD loves you and He led you here. The Holy Spirit has led many (and does each day) to Talk Jesus.

Share it with others! Give Jesus His due glory! God bless you sister.
I am happy you have meet the many who are truly here to serve . Please continue to visit us and may you be strengthened daily in our Lord , Jesus Christ . Peace be with you . :love: :boy_hug: Mike