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Walking by faith.

Walking by faith.

The word, “walk” means, “to tread about, to deport oneself” It's opposite meaning means, “to sit, to stay put” Waking by faith, and walking in the Spirit has nothing to do with our two physical legs. Our two legs are used to transport our physical bodies from one place to another. The hidden man of the heart which is the spiritual man, walks in the spiritual realm that is not physical. Our spirit is not confined to our fleshly bodies as it was before we became a child of God.. How else could we come boldly to the throne room of grace (Heb 4:16) (which is not of this world) where our physical bodies can not go (1 Cor 15:50) unless we have been circumcised in putting off the body of the sins of the flesh, by the circumcision of Christ? (Col 2:11)

When Jesus said he came to set us free, he literally meant to set us free, it was not just some play on words that sounds cool to our hearing. (John 8:36) (Luke 4:18)

The un born again man / women is still confined to their own flesh, like the cords of death that have surrounded, and kept them bound up from knowing God or having any fellowship with him in his Kingdom, which is why we must bring the Kingdom of God to them when we wittiness in the Spirit. As Paul once said....

Rom 7:24 O unhappy and pitiable and wretched man that I am! WHO WILL RELEASE AND DELIVER ME FROM [THE SHACKLES OF] THIS BODY OF DEATH?
Rom 7:25 O THANK GOD! [HE WILL!] THROUGH JESUS CHRIST (THE ANOINTED ONE) our Lord! So then indeed I, of myself with the mind and heart, serve the Law of God, but with the flesh the law of sin. (AMP)

Walking by faith is NOT ,”lets just wait, and see what the Lord is going to do” The Lord does what we are expecting him to do. We must see the mountain removed and cast into the sea, or else the mountain will just stay where it is. Those who walk by faith have a different kind of language, and they see with a different kind of “vision”. They speak, and call out the things that are not as though they were, because the things that are, can be changed by the things that are not.
:) Those who walk by faith always at all times have their hearts, and minds set on the things above where they are sitting on the right hand of God in Christ, not on the things of this earth!! They never miss the voice of God as they are always listening in prayer. Those who walk by faith always come, and are at God's throne of grace for receiving instruction, and learning from the Father.

Most believers do not even know this, which is why the five fold ministry is suppose to be teaching them how to come, and get into God's presence. Those who walk by faith have “tasted” and have seen that the Lord is good. They have “laid” hold upon eternal life, and I am not talking about in our head, but with our own spiritual hands, and arms.(spiritual senses) Those who walk by faith have kept, and have protected the Word of God within themselves, because that is how they preserve their life.

We walk by faith, not by sight..(2 Cor 5:7)

We do NOT walk by what we see, feel, hear, taste, or touch in the flesh, we walk by what we see, feel, hear, taste, and touch in the Spirit.

Those who walk by faith have a intimate face to face, one on one relationship with their Heavenly Father all the time, not just on Sundays.