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Walking along the curb

Ok, i love this story.. its cool. OK, so one sunday, i was maybe a half an hour early for youth group, so i could pray over the youth, cause theres been some problems in it. So i decided to seclude myself and started walking along the curb across my church parking lot. Well, since i am dork, as i was walking on the curb, i was looking at the curb as my walk with God and if i just focused on it, i wouldnt fall off (try not to laugh to much at me) I started praying over myself and my emotions that i wouldnt be easily angered by this one girl, and and that i could stay focused on the lesson, well, i ended up started to just say, you know what God you know my heart... PLEASE dont let her act like twit, and keep talkin and being a distraction. Wouldnt you know i fell off the curb. LOL I know for a fact that God did that. Right after i fell off, i just looked up at God and was like... funny... i get the point. sorry. lol. and started to pray again. Well later on, as i was walkin, these boys in a truck came up to me (keep in mind i am in a church parking lot) At first i thought it was my friend Rob, so i looked over, and stepped off the curb, and they asked me if i was high, and if i wanted to go somewhere with them. Well, i am terrified of pretty much any guy accept if i have known them for a long time, so i just said no, and said that i was waiting for a friend to come get me and thank Jesus my friend just happened to pull into the parkinglot right then. They left, and then i realized, because of those boys, i unconciously got off the curb again... even though it wasnt somethingi was tempted with because i am straight edge, but i was still led off the curb. Just a little mini lesson i thought was cool. God is cool like that. Peace out.
It made me think how easy and quick we as humans do get off the curb, I for one...thankyou I will try and stay on the curb more
Awesome story reba,

As I read I felt like it was for me. Thank you for allowing GOD to speak to me thru your.

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