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I wrote this poem last year. Maybe someone can help me with a title.

Pain. Sharp pain.

Tears. Fresh tears.

Nothing to stop them.

I sit here, writing.

Writing my pain,

my tears into being.

Visions of children

in my head

and fill my heart.

"Why, God?" I scream.

"Why not me?

My womb is empty."

I cry. I pray.

I am like

Hannah, Sarah, and Rachel of old.

Waiting. Anticipating.

All for naught.

No change. No baby.

Hopes dashed.

Sobs aroused.

Knelt in prayer.

God is faithful.

He hears me.

He wraps me in his arms.

"I will never

leave nor

forsake you."

I'll title this, "anticipation". The Lord's hands are not short that he can not reach us. remember 'time'. He'll do it at His own time if only we can just be a little patient. Father Lord, grace to be patient give oh Lord onto us all in Jesus name i ask. Amen.

God bless u sis.
:rose-animated: Hi there, your poem is very heartfelt,

i think a good title will be "Braveheart"

Father May your peace strike my sister so deep
in her heart ....and let her reap
her reward for hanging on to you
when she's been feeling so blue

In Jesus name amen
Love you stax and stax and stax
May God open your womb to receive and may your cup run over!!

Love beam
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