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Understanding prisoners

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My son in law, stabbed a man and ended up in prison, to have something to listen to in his cell, I sent him a set of my music, (in those days it was on cassettes) I had tapes of country music that I sing, and tapes of the Christian music that I write. He was inside for eighteen months and when he was released, he told me that my tapes had gone all around the prison. However, it was not the country music that the prisoners wished to hear. It was the Christian music. I often wonder how many of us think of those in prison, I know I seldom do, but maybe we should think of them in our prayers, because when a man or woman is locked up in a cell for many hours a day, If we don't pray for the Lord to touch their hearts, there is another only to willing to speak anger and vengeance into them, not to mention unthinkable desires'. Matthew 25:36, Here Jesus speaks of visiting people in prison, many of us can't do that, but we can pray that Jesus does, and he can change hearts. bless you.