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Understanding Both Paths

Principle Of God
1 Meaning
2 Reconciliation
3 Creation
4 Teaching
5 Guidance
6 Choice
7 Destination

Principle Of Devil
1 Deception
2 Lies
3 Theft
4 Slandering
5 Hate
6 Murderous
7 Self Domination

These Are The Stepping Stones Not One Will Fall Ahead Of Each Other. But Only Against Each Other.
For Example' Deception Is Against The Meaning, Lies Is Against The Reconciliation Of The Meaning But For The Cover Up Of The Deception,theft Is For The Sealing Of Creation, Slandering Is To Perverse The Truth Of The Teaching,hate Is Against The Continuation Of The Guidance,murderous Is For The Self Domination Of Free Choice, And Destination Is From Choice.