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Trying To Operate The Machinery Without The Instructions!!

A lot of people here really need 2 work on their hermeneutics. Their just

eisegesing text man, adding to the text their own presuppositions.

People are just reading the bible dry with no actual method of interpretation. And just taking it phrase 4 phrase rather dan precept upon precept.

What happens if ur working in a factory and u go 2 use some industrial machinery without reading the instructions, there most likely will be an accident, someone losing some limbs even, or worse.

Well were not dealing with machinery here, were dealing with something way more important here which is Gods word which needs 2 be handled with even greater severity as your eternal soul depends on it.

we have 2 harmonise all scripture 2gether so it all makes sense and den come 2 a logical conclusion rather den take isolated verses here & there coz ull den come up wiv all kinds of erroneous theories.

A lot of us are buying beds and making recliners coz were not following the makers instructions but rather following our rules.

Lets look at Pslam 51:5 which is a verse I’ve mentioned before, “Behold, I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me” again lots of people like 2 cling 2 this verse and say well if david is here saying he’s a sinner from birth then I guess I’m a sinner too from birth and I can’t help that but then if u ask them ok so criminals cant help it 2 iver and so they shoudnt be punished 4 theirs crimes as usual they have no answer?

But den lets look at the chapter Pslam 51 as a whole, at the beginning it has a foot note of the chapter written in italics which is in most kjv versions explaining what the pslam is about, pslam means hymn or song btw! which do appear through out the book of pslams and also some appear in book of proverbs too.

It explains the pslam is about when the prophet nathan approached david after he had sinned with bethsheba with a rebuke from the lord, notice in the very 1st verse david says, “Have mercy upon me, O God, according to thy lovingkindness: according unto the multitude of thy tender mercies blot out my transgressions.”

Hmm, now if david is a sinner from birth then why is he here asking God for forgiveness for a sin that is unavoidable according 2 so called “original sin” enfusiast’s, what would be the point of asking 4 forgiveness for something he can’t help?
I firmly believe Psalm 51:5 is an admission of David that his mother was also a sinner when she conceived David. It never said David was a sinner from birth but rather a humble confession that even his mother was not sinless when she conceived David. I don’t know how people can read meanings into texts that was not there in the first place.