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Trust in the Lord

Staff Member
In You, O LORD, I put my trust; Let me never be put to shame. Psalm 71:1

You can easily come to shame if you trust in yourself. You can start out very confident but without warning trip up and fall flat on your face. You can also be left picking up the pieces if you trust in others. They can fail you, whether intentionally or not. But if you trust in God, He won't fail you or leave you wishing that you hadn't trusted in Him. You won't be ashamed.

You may wonder about this though. Perhaps there have been times where you proclaimed to others that you were trusting God to provide finances or do other miracles, but they didn't materialize, at least not in a timely manner….and you were left shamefaced. So what gives?

Well, in the same psalm, the writer says, "For my enemies speak against me…saying, "God has forsaken him (vv. 10-11). Sometimes it will look like God has left you high and dry. However, verse 14 says, "But I will hope continually." The key is to keep on hoping. Don't give up if at first God doesn't respond to you. Give Him time, and keep crying out to Him. He will lead you to where you need to go one way or another.

Prayer: Lord, please hear my prayers and answer them. Show people that You're real and that You change things.

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