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Troubles? Pray! (3 of 5)

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Oh, that [men] would give thanks to the LORD [for] His goodness, And [for] His wonderful works to the children of men! Psalm 107:31

Today's passage, Psalm 107:17-32, presents two more disasters.

The first takes places to the east of the Promised Land. In many ways, it mirrors yesterday's reading, except that in this case the prisoners aren't rebels fighting against the Lord. Instead, they're complacent, passive fools who couldn't have cared less about God until all hope was lost. Then they cried out to Him, and He sent His Word and saved them.

Today's second crisis takes place to the west of the Promised Land in the tumultuous Mediterranean Sea. As a prisoner on his way to Rome, the apostle Paul knew what it was like to be on a commercial vessel in the worst of storms.

Luke's eyewitness account of this dramatic story is a classic within ancient literature (Acts 27:1-44). The Alexandrian ship carried 276 men. Even after jettisoning the cargo and ship's tackle, they feared drowning. Yet Paul stood up and courageously proclaimed God's promise that none would die. Then Rome's prisoner gave orders and urged all to eat before they ran aground.

God's people aren't exempt from life's disasters. Yet in the midst of the most savage storms, you can act wisely, pray earnestly, and trust God's salvation.

Prayer: Lord, help me, when life's storms bit, to trust in You alone.

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