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Topics for Teen Bible Discussions

What topic do you prefer to discuss

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Hey you all, I've been thinking things out, and I was wondering, what do you as a teen, want to discuss? Put your thought and topics below and take a vote on what you would want to discuss most. God bless you.
Lol kacey, right on girl. We will try to get some topics on that. do you have anything special though on what's going on in your life that you would want to discuss, or anyone else? well ok, God bless you all, bye
I like to discuss questions and stuff.. cos that way it can be tied into whats going on in life... discussing questions we have is a good thing i think.
Thanks char, if you have any spicific questions, PM them to me. I will find a way to get them into the Bible Discussion. God bless you
Sweet, I'd like to talk about Relationships with God. I'm thinking all these things kinda connect with each other.