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Tired of long distance relationship

I got engaged 2009, then my fiance migrated a month after the filing of his mother came through. We got married in 2010. The things we have never lived together. As soon as we got married he had to go back to work. I visit him, he visits me. We still have not bond or get to know each other. I am depress. I pray so hard for God to do something quickly. Then my son i had before we got married love him and takes him for a father. My son takes it hard. My husband sent in information for filling but it is taking so long and it can go up to two years. I don't to just be where he is illegally. I have to wait, i am just depress and hurt. Every time we see each other then we are pull apart it feels like someone ripped my left arm out. It is destroying my family( husband, son) We are really hurting.
Long distance Marriage, very difficult.
Still have not lived the word by 'leave and cleave'

I can't imagine what it must be like to go through what you are going through, but always know that God is there and in control and knows what you are going through better than anyone could ever know. know also that you have people lifting you and your family up in prayer to our Lord Jesus. God bless you rockstone and may God's peace, love, comfort and blessings fall upon you and fill you to over flowing.

Internet is an excellent invention and has brought communication through social media such as Facebook and You Tube, especially where long distance can be linked through the world wide web. The Ipad is a beautiful frame device that can be taken with you as you communicate with your partner, family members or friends. May the confidence our our single Lord jesus keep you up-to-date of what's going on in life.:*:>

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