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Throw Out the Cracked Ceramic Mugs, Plates, and Bowls

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For those that may be frugal in keeping cracked ceramic mugs, plates, and bowls, don't, because I had heard that it is unsafe; especially coffee mugs. The quote below is from that link below.

Are Scratched Coffee Mugs Safe?

"Coffee is one of the most common beverages in the United States and the mainstay of many national coffee shop franchises. Because coffee is popular at work, home and even at events, coffee mugs are often subject to wear and accidents that leave them chipped or scratched. Whether or not these mugs are safe to drink from depends on if the scratch is on the inside or outside of the mug. "


"One of the most popular forms of coffee mugs, a painted ceramic or porcelain coffee mug is both inexpensive and long lasting. This type of mug is sometimes painted with a lacquer that contains lead and can be harmful if ingested. Because of this, ceramic coffee mugs should be thrown away if the glaze is scratched on the inside of the mug. "

Stands to reason that ceramic plates and bowls should be discarded too if there is a scratch or a slight crack on the plate where your food is on or inside the bowl as well.

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