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There's none so blind

:lightning There are none so blind

than those who can-not see----- :lightning
I GREW up in a “normal “ Christian home. Dad was always searching for God but maybe he didn't realise that was so. So I was high C of E, Plymouth Brethren & then nothing for a number of years. Until 1977-8.
I went to the Sunday school when I was very young which I think I liked. When I was older it was suggested that I join the Cub Scouts & later the Scouts. I was never very enthusiastic about things thought to be “good for me”. When I finally managed to get out of Scouts, “I had to do something” else equally beneficial. ???

CHOIR: Singing in Mum & Dad’s local, high C.of E. church. I can remember absorbing the sounds of voices united in the joy of singing. Anyway that’s how I heard it! That enjoyment in praise & worship has stayed with me. During those years I did many of the thing boys in their early teens did, most of it was seen normal ”for that age”. :-[

PEOPLE didn’t see me as a bad person but I was heading nowhere. I couldn’t see the hand of God held out before me. The life I had became duller there was no challenge or self-satisfaction, nor had I formed any real friendships. This all seeped into my system slowly.

STILL a teenager I remember one evening (not the date) crying out to God for relief from my “life of little value”.

I knew I was a sinner, I believed I was not worthy of having my cries answered & how right I was!!

(I now know, however, that forgiveness is a free gift) ;D ;D ;D

I THANK God he arranged for me to meet in the forces a girl who agreed to marry me. A girl with similar values to my own & together we sought; over a period of time, for the answers to those seemingly unanswerable questions that all have asked at some time & about living the life that the Creator created us for (i.e. living in full relationship with Him!)
Many of the questions my wife asked of the rest of the family; particularly my Dad, I was able to listen in to. This was how God spoke to me before I gave in to Him. :) Mum & Dad, my sister & her family moved to Canada. (being led by God?? ) To a comunity setting.

( Point for sharing with others; especially in a group of non believers,
those that you are not directly speaking to will receive from God by the Holy Spirit because there doesn't seem to be a barrier ie personal ''attack'')

THE THICK shell of self-protection, built up over a period of 40 years, cracked in August 1978, 6,000 miles across land & sea, in a log cabin in Canada. On an End-time farm 50 miles from the Alaskan Highway. While the family were quietly chatting in the beautiful fading dusk, I felt as if my heart broke, “I give in” –with these words the mental aches & pains rolled off my shoulder as I gave myself into the hands of Jesus. Had I ever heard His voice before? :-[

NOW I could see where I had been bought back from. I now know that the obedience of Jesus to His Father saved me & in Him I now have someone more than just a friend, who I can implicitly trust in all situations. What a challenge, to give & not just receive & He only wants my “Self”. 8)

LIFE has been far from dull since He answered my cry of years ago. There is now a joy deep down inside that nothing can take away. It’s there in the good times & when I’m under pressure. The problems of life have not evaporated but life has a new meaning, a purpose, security, reality & promises to get even better. :D ;D :)
When I arrived back in the UK my uncle asked ''if I was speaking in tongues of filled with the Holy Spirit '' as I wasn't he said pray & ask it of God. i did that almost straight away & was filled for the first time & spoke in tongues.

--------- & I'm still learning how much He loves us, me & mine.
One important thing I learnt from living with another Christian is that you BOTH must have your own relationship with God. You can't live off of the Spirituality, God's blessing of your partner.

My eldest son said that if we had tried to 'sock the bible to him' he would have left home early in his older teens. Even though when we had a meeting in our house in those days he would leave when he heard us downstairs singing. He's now a Christian.
My youngest son's life has been & is being moulded by God. ;D
He knows that we pray for his family & their welfare. He acknowledges that he has been "well looked after", ;D particularly in the difficult times that they have been having over these past couple of years.
God's on his case as he was on mine. ::)

PLEASE accept this small part of my life…How God manoeuvred me into a living relationship with His Son, Jesus, & to where I could see that His hand was held out to me.

GOD through Jesus Christ is ready to meet you (Whatever you have done!) if only you will recognise His presence & your need of Him.
A straightforward and honest and POWERFUL testimony laterunner! Thank you for sharing, i`m sure it will especially encourage parents with wayward children!

God's on his case as he was on mine. ::) Praise God!

Pro 22:6 Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.
Staff Member
Very nice story thank you for sharing!

GOD is truly amaizng and works in the most unexpected ways sometimes, making HIM even more amazing (is it possible? He's already infinitely amazing :)
Thank you for this wonderful testimony! Like that saying goes "You can't have a testimony without a test!"

God Bless,
Sis in Christ:love:

Psst! I like your signature, it is sooo funny! Religious Nuts!