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TheDrew and his hobbies...

not many for me..

the past few years i have really got into Aquariums and have set up a few
saltwater tanks.. if your interested you can see some of them here

other then that i enjoy working on my car and racing on the weekends..
here is a vid of me running the 1/4mile from last summer..

i also have been playing the guitar (electric) for about 13yrs tried lots of bands but none of them worked out so it just became a hobby for my own personal enjoyment..
The fish tank is really neat.. The Rock is alive? That is really cool. What does it do (not to sound stupid)
thanks :) what is ment by "Live Rock" is that it has bacteria, alge, and sometimes other life on/in it.. basiclly what it does is create a working bio system in the tank and in turn that helps breakdown any toxins in the water like fish waste or dead matter.. sometimes you get lucky and get some other more interesting life on it like plants, worms, sponges, starfish.. ect
hope that made sense.. and no you dont sound stupid :)
living4onlyJC said:
That's kewl stuff. Is it easy to play the guitar? It looks like a fun instrument to play.

well i guess its easy for me now being i have been playing for about 13yrs.. but when i first started learning it got frustrating at times.. i had many moments of yelling at my fingers because they just wouldnt do what i wanted them to.. so i guess to answer your question id say it depends on the person and how much time they are willing to put into it.. but it is fun no doubt about that :shade: