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The Wise, the Foolish, the Trusted

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Wisdom is enshrined in an understanding heart; wisdom is not found among fools. Proverbs 14:33 NLT

Proverbs is a great collection of wise sayings. Many powerful truths are found in its short thoughts. In this book of wisdom, we learn that fools can't be trusted. We also learn that God's wisdom and understanding are worthy of trust.

Even though God declares He is the source of trust, fools won't believe it and will refuse to trust Him. They tend to do the opposite of everything wise. They trust in other foolish humans' ideas. They try to convince the wise that they're the foolish ones. Those who are foolish highly regard deception but fail to recognize true wisdom as a priceless treasure.

If wisdom is water, then foolishness is oil that separates when in contact with water. Foolishness is repelled by wisdom, and while the wise are willing to teach, the foolish don't want to learn.

The foolish make up their own rules, so there's no reason to trust them. The source of true wisdom is God, so it's foolishness to fail to trust Him. God's wisdom can be trusted, and those who accept His wisdom are worthy of trust.

Prayer: Lord, thank You for making it clear that the foolish can't be trusted because their beliefs constantly change. Help me to pursue Your wisdom. Help me to trust You, the God who never changes.

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