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The Third Temple and Unforgivable Sin.

In the New Testament Jesus is the Temple made without hands and the Church.

But many think a physical third temple will exist in Jerusalem. But this is impossible. If you consider Ezekiel’s Temple (the Third Temple) measurements are not complete, people would need to add to God’s word to build it. Plus it calls for a return to animal sacrifice for sin which Hebrews forbids. And Hebrews six says is an unforgivable sin.

The supernatural in Ezekiel’s properties of the Temple run against the laws of physics making them impossible. Further depicting Christ’s life in the gospels. His prophecy also depicts the Church as God’s Temple in the New Testament.

So even if they were to build a temple, it would be a sin to add to God’s word to build it. And it would not be possible to violate the laws of nature as the vision calls for. Are those who plan to return to animal sacrifice saved? It is an unforgivable sin in Hebrews six.

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