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The Tabernacle

The Tabernacle

Outer Court
Prophetic of Jesus the Way | Jesus the Lamb that was slain | Jesus the Word of God
The Church - 30 fold | milk | babes| temple foundation is built

Inner Court or Holy Place
Prophetic of Jesus the Truth | Jesus the Light of God | Jesus the Bread of Life
The Church - 60 fold | bread | young men | temple walls are built

Holy of Holies or Most Holy Place
Prophetic of Jesus the Life | Jesus the Law of God | Jesus the Glory of God
The Church - 100 fold | meat | fathers | temple completed

Bible references

EX 25:1 - 30:37 , EX 25:9, 40:1-27, 1chronicles 28:11-19

Hebrew 8:2 Hebrew 9:2

In Christ

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Some more elaborated study material

Tabernacle Entrance into Outer Court:
Outer Court: Brazen Altar or Altar of burnt offerings
"Prophetic of the cross of Jesus" The place of sacrifice!

Animal sacrifices were offered on this altar, located in the court in front of the tabernacle. The blood on the sacrifice were sprinkled on the four horns of the altar.
Jesus is the Way, Truth, and the Life. No man comes to Jesus without going the Way. Jesus also said that He was the Door. The entrance into the tabernacle represents these sayings of Jesus.

Tent of Meeting
Inner Court or Holy Place Furniture – Prophetic of the Lampstand | Table of Shewbread | Altar of Incense
aka Gold Lampstand, Table of Showbread, Golden altar of Incense.

Holy of Holies or Most Holy Place Furniture - Prophetic of the Ark of the Covenant | Mercy Seat
The Ark combines the two separate pieces of furniture. The ark hold the
10 commandments, budded rod of Aaron, and pot of manna.

7 pieces of furniture in 3 separate courts of worship.
The furniture is laid out in a pattern of a cross.

Coverings of Tabernacle

Prophetic of:
Curtains of fine linen - RIGHTEOUSNESS
Inner layer | comprised actual roof or ceiling of sanctuary
Curtains of goat's hair - SIN OFFERING
Called "tent" | placed over fine linen curtain
Ram's skin dyed red - SUBSTITUTION
"a covering" | placed as third layer.
Outer covering of badger's skin - PROTECTION
Final covering | viewed to all the world that is outside

It is suggested that "badger skin" is dolphin or porpoise skin.
Badger skin had no particular beauty but protects against
weather, storms, desert heat, and the wilderness life of travel.

Brazen Altar
Prophetic of the Cross of Jesus

Brazen Altar | Altar of Burnt Offerings | Altar of Shittim Wood

5 x 5 x 3 cubits = 75 cubits volume
20 cubit perimeter or 25 square cubits / 37.50 square feet
Several teachings are emphasized here:
1. The CROSS
2. ONE way to God - ONE Altar for the entire nation., the ONLY place for offering sacrifice.

1. The Altar was in a hollow box shape; it was foursquare, measuring 5x5x3 cu. high (7.5x7.5x4.5 feet)
2. The Altar was made of Shittim wood (or acacia wood) and then overlaid with brass (copper); it was the LARGEST and HIGHEST piece of furniture.
3. There were 4 horns on the 4 corners.
4. A grated network (grid) was inside the Altar 1.5 cubits from the Earth (half-way) ; there were rings and staves made of wood and brass.
5. There was a compass and ledge around the outside.
6. There were utensils - pans, shovels, basins, fleshhooks, and firepans.
7. The fire on the Altar was NEVER TO GO OUT; it was to burn continually.

Tabernacle Furniture

Brazen Altar
Altar of Incense
Shewbread Table

Brazen Laver
Prophetic of the Jesus the Word of God
These teachings are emphasized here:
1. The washing of REGENERATION
2. Doctrine of water baptism

The description of the Brazen Laver:
1. The laver was a great bowl or basin of polished brass, thus giving the effect of a mirror.
2. The water contained water for cleansing, thus adding to the mirror effect.
3. It was located west of the Brazen Altar in the Outer Court.
4. It stood upon a brazen foot.
5. Other than the above information, very little is know about this piece of furniture; it had no specific measurements.
6. The Laver was for the priest; only they had access to it; it was to be a statute forever to them.

Golden Lampstand
Prophetic of the Jesus the Light of God

Lampstand, candlestick, pure candlestick, the candlestick of God, golden lampstand, gold lampstand, menorah.
Golden Lampstand
1. No specific dimensions
2. 3 stages of the almond plant - unopened bud / knop | flower | fruit
3. Lamp of oil RESTS on the FRUIT.
4. Made of beaten gold
5. 7 branches ; one main shaft and 3 shoots on each side.

7 lamps of oil from 7 branches, each comprised of 3 fruit+3 flowers + 3 buds = 9 ornaments - HAVING THEIR SOURCE IN 3 ORIGINATING BUDS. All added up they equal 66 ornaments | A confirmation to God's selection of 66 books of the Bible that testify of the plan of redemption.
Jesus is the Branch, also a picture of the Lampstand.

Table of Shewbread: Prophetic of Jesus, the Bread of God
Prophetically represents the Jesus the Bread of God ; Bread of Life

Shewbread Table
Showbread Table
Table of Shewbread
Table of Shittim Wood
Table of Gold
The Table
1. 4 corners
2. 4 feet
3. 4 gold rings
4. Four is the number of world-wide, universal.
5. Rings signify eternity, without end.
6. Measures 2 cubits x 1 cubit x 1.5 cubit high.
7. Same height as Brazen Altar and Mercy Seat.
8. Double crowned borders space a hand's breadth apart.
9. Bread on table represents Jesus the Manna from heaven.

Altar of Incense: Prophetic of Jesus, our Intercessor and Mediator.
Represents Jesus the our Intercessor

The Altar of Incense
The Incense Altar
The Altar of Gold
The Golden Altar
The Whole Altar that is by the Oracle
The Altar before the Lord
The Altar to burn incense
The Altar of Sweet Incense
1. 1 x 1 x 2 cubits
2. Foursquare just as the Brazen Altar and Holy of Holies
3. 4 horns | 1 on each corner.
4. Located at the heart of the Tabernacle.
Incense was taken off the altar and placed in the priest's censer.

The Ark of the Covenant Mercy Seat in the Holy of Holies

Prophetic of Jesus, Who God shall hide His laws, His True Manna, and His Rod of Fruit inside.

Ark of the Testimony
Ark of the Covenant of the Lord
Ark of the Lord God
Ark of God
Holy Ark
Ark of Thy Strength
Ark of the Covenant of God
Ark of the Covenant
Ark of the Lord
Ark of Shittim Wood
1. Made of Shittim wood and overlaid with gold
2. Represents the throne of God
3. Represents the Person of Jesus - Fullness of Godhead Bodily
4. Represents the presence of God
5. Represents the glory of God
6. 2.5 x 1.5 x 1.5 cubits
7. Gold within | Wood in middle | Gold outside
8. Located in the Holy of Holies. AKA Most Holy Place
1. 1 x 1 x 2 cubits
2. Foursquare just as the Brazen Altar and Holy of Holies
3. 4 horns | 1 on each corner.
4. Located at the heart of the Tabernacle.

Taken from temple builders ministry

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