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The sinful monk.

Early one Sunday morning, St. Peter is furious when he sees a monk slipping out of his monestry to have a quick round of golf. So insenced is he, he decides to let God know all about it, and wakes Him up.
"I'm sorrry Lord, I know it's your day of rest, but I feel there is something you should see. One of your servants is about to have a game of golf!"
Furious, God looks over a rainbow, and, sure enough, there he is, teeing up, and taking a couple of practice swings to warm up.
"He will surely suffer for this wrongdoing - I shall punish him most severely!"
"Absolutely, Lord." Agrees Peter. The monk steps forward and drives the ball an incredadible 350 yards and lands his first hole in one. God smiles self-satisfied, while Peter scratch his head. He repeats it for the next seventeen holes, by which time the monk is running round going crazy.
"You're punishing him, Lord?"
"I don't understand." God Smiles.
"Peter, what day is it?"
"Sunday, of course."
"Peter, What time is it?"
"Peter, how many people do you see walking their dogs?"
"None, Lord. It's too early."
"Peter, What should he be doing?"
"Taking Holy Orders." God smiles and nods.
"One final thing - who can he tell, and who'd believe him! I'm going back to bed..."

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