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The Road

I always have been a writer...a poet too. I used to write a lot of poetry, but mostly poems not talking about God or Jesus. This is the first time I try so...most of the poetry I have done in my life has been all of sadness, pain, beauty, love, memories and vengeance. hehe, lots of diff. emotions going on...but anyway, hope you enjoy this...

The Road

It's been a long road
the walk has been too long
too much pain
has brought my body crushed
my insides are exhausted
my eyes can barely see
who has ever cared
for the wretched presence of me...
my bones ache from my suffering
I can't feel the life inside me
I look up from the ground that kisses my face
I cannot see a single ray of hope...

Then His hand picked me up...
He welcomes me to the land of the rejected
to the place for those who were cast away
He offers me a life of redemption
because He was once in the same place I am now...

All my greed, all my pride, all my vanity...
It was what brought my body to be destroyed
I wanted to be popular
I wanted to be rich
I wanted to have desire
I wanted to influence the world...

But the secret I discovered...
Jesus is the one
He didn't make me rich
He didn't make me popular
He didn't grant my wishes.
He actually cared for me
and showed me those things don't matter
He gave me power over my life
He gave me the chance to be free from my sins
He didn't give me what I wrongly wanted...
He gave me what I truthfully needed.

He didn't promise me an easy life
but now I can choose to live for the truth.
He didn't give me the world I wanted
He gave me the water I needed to drink
The scars of my body stay bare and burning
The memories of my mind haunt my eyes
Jesus was what I was looking for
and the world never had anything for me.

As I look back now, I struggle within to find answers
the time it took to walk this road
consumed my entire life
now the burden has been let off
my life has been restored to a peace I never knew
I have learned to live again...
All because Jesus showed me the way.