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The Proof

Standing the test of time mankind says.

Is proof that it's really what it says.

Enduring this test is a book from our past.

That's written so plainly understanding so vast.

Contradicting itself some teachers may say.

While others read stories of years passed away.

People find scripture contained within.

To justify there reason to continue in sin.

We interpret this book to suite our own need.

But miss on the truth God wanted us to see.

This book called the Word was not left for his proof.

But to reveal his love and show us his worth.

A biography of God this book holds the key.

But if read with the eyes one will never see.

In all of mans brilliance we reason and debate.

Over the spirit of God who's wisdoms so great.

Concluding our thoughts with a carnal mind.

Brings the weight of foolishness before our eyes.

Mans own wisdom will never bare fruit.

When we continue to run and seek just the proof.
i dunno if you will see my reply or not so yeah!!!

i enjoyed readign it... was different and individual... :):) good on ya and keep it up

Love Simon!!!