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The Power of Positive Words

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[TD]If you follow Jesus, you represent him in your workplace. He is your Boss.

Here is a simple way to faithfully follow Jesus as you work: Understand the power of positive words. They can encourage others like nothing else.

Life and death are in the tongue (Proverbs 18:21). Negative words can be like a tiny spark that causes a devastating forest fire which destroys everything in its path (James 3:6).

Some people are still reeling inwardly over critical words spoken to them by a parent, spouse, or significant other. “You’ll never amount to anything,” they once heard. “Why can’t you be like ___________?” and a comparison is made with a sibling or someone else.

Inwardly, the soul shrivels.

You can help reverse the effects of this. How? By understanding the power of your positive words. By speaking life and blessing to those around you. By using words that can serve as an instrument of hope in their hearts.

Personally, I know this to be true.

Years ago, I was discouraged and ready to quit ministry. The burdens were too heavy to carry.

One night, I couldn’t sleep. My wife, Marilynn, awakened. She asked me what was wrong. I didn’t want to tell her. Doing so would reveal weakness. Finally, I relented and shared my struggles.

“I believe in you,” was her simple response to my angst. Those four words reverberated in my heart. Encouragement increased. Fear abated.

Some twenty-five years later, I’m still in ministry because of the power of positive words spoken to me by Marilynn.

In your workplace, share words of life to those around you. Give hope to those with whom you work.

There’s great power in positive words.

Use that power today.

Moments of Hope ministry[/TD]