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The Power of God

I travel to various factories and service material handling systems. Through witnessing about Jesus at one of my customers, a bible study/prayer meeting was started by some of the employees there. There was also a man there who operated a fork lift. He was a very big guy( kinda like a professional wrestler). One day while I was talking with someone there about Jesus and how He had Power over everything, this man came up and butted into our conversation with, "if Jesus is so powerful why don't He show up here and prove it". I responded back to him," are you open to that", he answered "yes". I said "Holy Spirit get him, before he gets away". The man shot off like a bolt of lightning. Twenty minutes later, on the otherside of the plant, there he was , bawling like a baby, someone asked him what was wrong and he replied " I don't know but I can't stop crying".
In the days and weeks to come, this guy would come looking for me when I went there to work. He would ask me questions about Jesus. We ( me and the other christians there) were praying for him to become born again. Then one day about three months later he wanted prayer for his little girl, he said "God may not listen to me but I know He hears you". We prayed and God really moved. Some of the others and myself thought today is the day, he is going to get saved. As a couple of them began to tell him what he needed to do, the Holy Spirit said " NO", "he isn't ready yet." So I stopped them and later I felt really bad about it. Then day by day and week by week it seemed he got further and further from God. Then one day after about three months he asked about demons and what they could do, as I started to answer, I saw a devil manifest in him and he turned and walked away. My heart sank and I said to the Lord i guess we lost him now. Jesus just laughed and said "today he is going to be born again". I said " what, no way, did you see how he is acting", Jesus said" if you will do what I say, he will let Me into his heart today". I said" you got it"!

Well I did what Jesus told me to do( which was to play a song on a CD that I had for him) and He was born again, baptised in the holy spirit and healed of a blood disorder in an old wharehouse office during break time.
Ecclesiastes chapter 3 says God has a time for everything, I would have really messed up everything if I had moved according to my own understanding ( I thought he was ready) but God knew when he would respond and it was Glorious. The man had such zeal and became such a strong witness at that factory that many just couldn't believe the change. He truely became a new creature. A couple of days after he let Jesus into his heart, his wife ( a pastor's daughter ) called me to say "thank you". I told her it wasn't me, thank the lord, I was messing the whole affair up.
Jesus is so awesome, I like to watch Him work, He is truely amazing, isn't He?
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WOW! Just look at what GOD can do jiggy!

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