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The Passion

Staff Member
I just saw this movie and I can easily tell you that it was the most powerful, honest movie that anyone can ever experience. It makes you feel like you are there and NO ONE can possibly (other than satan himself) walk out of that movie without feeling some bit of affection by what Jesus did for us believers on the cross. Praise our Lord Jesus Christ. I felt so ashamed of what I've done to Jesus and I'm pretty sure that from now on if I can remember his suffering, I will see evil through GOD's eyes as much as I can. My attitude has changed and I must say I am overwhelmed by what He went through for me

I love you Jesus so much...words are not enough! :D

Satan has been defeated! :evil:

The Passion of Christ is in my opinion the most emotional movie i have ever seen,
When they were beating Jesus i was crying , but when they started with the cat of 9 tails , i almost threw up my lunch.
Seeing blood does not bother me, But the fact that they were beating my Saviour like that, that i could not handle.
i had went with a friend, who claims to be a christian, but he was not moved by the movie, he acts like it was no big deal, and he kept bothering me during the movie. Needless to say i missed some parts of the movie.
i want to see it again, and this time i will go alone :)
i don't want any one distracting me again.
i sincerely love Jesus Christ, and i want to do His will, and live my life for Him.
i think that it is important that i go see the movie again. {without distractions} :)


Walk With Jesus Daily,
Talk With Jesus Daily,
Sleep With Jesus Daily,
Wake With Jesus Daily,
i would advise you to go see it again and i missed some parts to and i want to go see it again. your friend who claims to be a christian isnt to much of a christian .. when i went i was with my youthgroup friends. and you could hear a pin drop . but im going to get the dvd when it comes out on dvd. and i cryed when they beat jesus to. and lot of my youthgroup guys did to and i was moved to do more than i used to do for jesus. and now i want to be a missionary and go speak the word of jesus to all the world.
god bless
Praise God, and may He bless Gibson & all the others for exposing the TRUTH. I originally saw the movie with our church, it was the first movie I've ever been to where nobody spoke, nobody got up, & everybody was silent afterward. I knew what to expect, so the graphics didn't bother me, but what impacted me was the mental image I now retain in my mind. This is something I will never forget, nor will I want to, amen? I then took my mom, daughter & her boyfriend, and it was just as inspiring as the first time. It is one thing to read about our Lord's suffering, but to actually see it is very sobering.
i agree with you Calvin Earl, it is most definately one thing to read about what our Saviour did for us, the pain that HE suffered for us, :) but it is indeed very sobering to watch it, and see what they actually did to HIM. i do not understand how any one can see that and not be moved emotionally and spiritually, to want to be more loving and obedient to the Word of GOD, and more willing to do HIS will in our lives. :)
True Praise Report from The Passion,

I don't have the specific details in front of me right now, but a couple of weeks ago the news was reporting a man from south of Houston had killed his girlfried. Two weeks after this incident the police still had no one in custody for the murder. The man went to see The Passion, immediately after seeing the movie, he went directly to the police station, confessed to the murder & was ready to face the consequences of his actions. Is this movie awesome or what? Praise God, thank you Jesus for the blood & the stripes, amen.
Staff Member
Re: re: The Passion

calvinearl said:
True Praise Report from The Passion,

I don't have the specific details in front of me right now, but a couple of weeks ago the news was reporting a man from south of Houston had killed his girlfried. Two weeks after this incident the police still had no one in custody for the murder. The man went to see The Passion, immediately after seeing the movie, he went directly to the police station, confessed to the murder & was ready to face the consequences of his actions. Is this movie awesome or what? Praise God, thank you Jesus for the blood & the stripes, amen.

Wow that's certainly powerful! Well, ironically he probably is saved and born-again now too. Amen!
The Passion is of the most powerful films I've ever seen. The film makes me look at what Jesus did for me in a whole new light. It's an amazing film.
An Experience That I Did Not Expect
(by Bill Stevenson)

Before the controversial movie “Passion” showed in public theatres, I had read a number of articles about it and had concluded that I did not need to go to it. I also felt that I should not recommend it to others, because I believed what others wrote about it having too much of what the Roman Catholics believe in it and too much violence. I did decide to daily pray for those going to see the movie, that some would accept the Gospel and become true Christians and that Christians would get more committed in becoming more Christ-like in compassion. An elderly friend of mine came to the same conclusions as I just stated as my responses to what others had written.
Another reason why I thought I would not need to see the movie was because of my experiences with that part of Jesus Christ’s life:
1. I saw many of the Jesus movies on TV, but they didn’t show much about the physical suffering of Christ in the trials and the crucifixion process. The most memorable one was the one when Jesus was the cross, Nicodemus was reciting Isaiah 53.
2. Sometime during the 1976-77 school year, probably just before Palm Sunday, I read to my fourth grade class from Josh McDowell’s book Evidence Demands a Verdict about what the pre-crucifixion torture involved. It shocked all of us!!
3. In August of 1977, I had a hard day, as many others who had not had schooling for many years, at the first day of Accelerated Christian Education teacher training. We had to listen to Dr: Howard using headphones and tape system, fill-in-the-blanks of a workbook, take quizzes and self tests. Most of us didn’t even do one workbook for the first day. That night, the Holy Spirit had me think about that time of Jesus’ life, especially His walk with the cross. Then some of the related famous hymns came to my mind. This special time revived me because it reminded me what I was having to endure in the ACE training was very minor compared to the struggle that Christ went through even before being hung on the cross. I told this to many the next morning and all of us did very well that day and the rest of the week in the training!!
4. Sometime in the late 1990s, I saw a wonderful passion play and it had a very realistic (I thought then) scene of one of the torture times of Jesus Christ.
But I didn’t think about the details of the above 4 experiences until after seeing the “Passion” movie.
God does change His children’s minds sometimes, just as human parents have sometimes changed the minds of their children. On April 20, 2004, after going to a park with wild animals, my wife wanted to go to one of the movie theatres. It was her last week of vacation until December. There were ten screens and we decided to go to the “Passion”. She didn’t try to convince me either; the Holy Spirit just politely urged me. I thought, “well, Dolo wouldn’t have to translate hardly anything, but in a romantic comedy she would.” We had two small pizza’s and coke before going in for the movie. Mine had vegetables on it only and they upset my stomach at the beginning of the movie. I had to pray a lot, asking God to help me not have to leave until after the movie and to be able to wait to get home before feeling better after a visit to a small room in our apartment. God helped me that way before and He did such again. As I read in the first review I read, I was likewise gripped by the movie within five minutes. The Holy Spirit helped me understand some of the German subtitles. When the trials and tortures started, I just kept thinking, “no greater love”!! The character casting was excellent. Dolo said that all of the dialog was just Scripture. The suppositions or not-in-the-Bible additions, like mother Mary following her special Son through the trials and even being nearby for the Roman soldier torturing and the walk toward Calvary, seemed very possible. The just mentioned really touched Dolo. Even her wiping up some of her Son’s blood where the Roman soldiers did the whipping touched me. Also, more about the man who helped Jesus to carry the cross was also possible too. The movie was all well done from what I saw!! Now I do recommend it for anyone to go and see.
But what did I learn. I learned that Jesus Christ did have to suffer much much more than I had previously thought in the past. He didn’t have too, but He loved us so much! I learned again that I shouldn’t so easily accept what others write or say. I almost missed a wonderful reviving experience. I also learned more about why my current ministry is so important. So why hasn’t the revival in the USA happened as some had proclaimed? For such a happening, I believe that God wants all of the glory. If great revival had happened, many of the proclaimed prophets and involved churches using the movie for evangelism would have taken glory. I felt in my spirit that instead there would be a small number of individuals in the world who get truly “born again”, a small number of individuals who truly would repent from bad situations and habits, a small number of individuals who will get completely involved in the Great Commission, and a small number of consecrated Christians who would be very revived as I have been. “No greater love!!” “By this we know love, because He laid down His life for us. And we also ought to lay down our lives for other Christians.” Jesus Christ was wrongly tried and tortured, and then gave up His human life for human beings so that we could become children of God too. And so many of us have wasted so much time doing non-God pleasing things, especially spiritual arguments and spiritual judging against others. We should be spending the time that God allows us to do more compassion ministry for others instead!! Help me Holy Spirit to do so. Ephesians 2:10 follows Ephesians 2:8-9. And there are two parts of the Great Commission, the second part is being done so much less than the first part. And many have decided to quit going to church because of that. Use me more, Abba Father. I hope that you will want the same as I indicated in this essay.

Note: If you have any comments or responses, please e-mail me at wls8ger@gmx.de . Also check, http://bibleteach.interlinkz.com/index.htm and http://starfish.ur-online.biz/ .
I really think the movie will become a great tool of God when it is brought out on video or DVD. It will allow Christians to invite people over to see the film and allow us the chance to speak to them about it's message. It is so hard to witness in a theater. But in a small group of friends it will allow for a much more personal experiance?
I really look for the movie to break all records in DVD sales.
:D I've seen "The Passion," 3 times at the theater and twice on DVD, but the best time was when I saw it alone. The times I cried the most was when they showed Mary's reaction, because I envisioned my son and the love I have for him. I thank the Lord that he gave me one son and took one away. I could feel Mary's pain, which I needed to feel that, because it gives such a different outlook on what Jesus did for us. The Lord got all the glory from this film! I'm so glad Mel Gibson listened to God. This movie gives a whole new meaning to why and how Jesus really suffered for us. It's really hard to express how it truly affected me. And I too have noticed how it didn't affect some Christians and they just judged the film. All I could do, was to pray for them, because I do believe Jesus is coming back real soon and to see the deadness in Christians nowadays is stopping them from having an impact on the world for Jesus. Two of the people that judged the movie, are the two that brought me to the Lord.
I also saw the "Miracles of the Passion" and it was great to see the miracles that happened because of this movie. I recommend this movie for all Christians, as well as all unbelievers. Praise the Lord for his PASSION toward us!!!!
Staff Member
Where did you see the miracles of the passion? Is that on the DVD?
No Words to Describe the Passion

Every attempt to describe the movie "The Passion", always leave me with the feeling that there really are no words to really describe the movie!

Perhaps, no words can really describe the suffering and pain that Jesus bore for our sins. The last time I saw it, when Jesus went through the first round of wipping; what I noticed was that Jesus got back up on His own, letting them know the punishment must continue. If this happen the way it was shown in the movie or not, it still has an great impact.

What is most important is that He was wounded for our trangressions and with His stripes we are healed.:love:

Do you think that the movie would have more or less impact if it was done in English?

What are some considerations for another block buster christian movie?
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The miracles of the passion, was shown on the cable channel TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Network), which on Cox is channel 173. But you can go to the original website of the person who created that segment, which is, miraclesofthepassion.com and you can get a copy through them. It's an awesome experience to see the impact of that movie on so many people.
The Passion of the Christ toned down and ready for Easter

I thought the movie was great! Don't know why they had to change it but they did. Here's a little letter I wrote on the Passion and sent it to the editor of our local paper. They trashed it and called it the gospel according to Mel.

Letter to the Editor of The Pilot: 292 words February 28, 2004

Contact: Mike Moon, give Moon address…

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The Passion of the Christ Praised

Just a motion picture or an inspired message? I believe The Passion of the Christ is an inspired message from the Holy Spirit.

As I viewed a depiction of the cruel beatings and the punishment that Jesus endured, I became aware of this: Here is the Son of God, the spotless Lamb, the Lilly of the Valley and the Prince of Peace, becoming ugly and vulgar to look at—all because of our sins.

Sin is ugly, cruel and murderous when revealed, but when it is cloaked, it may have the appearance of being innocent and harmless.

The Word of God tells us that we are free from the grip of sin because of what Christ has done for us. But is sin void of our embrace? How can we hug the very things that caused our beautiful Savior to become so ugly that his own Father could not bare the sight of him and had to look away? I know that none of us is without sin, but shouldn’t we have a hatred for it? Shouldn’t we be casting it away instead of chasing it down?

We are in a time when there seems to be a great decline of moral decency and justice in our nation and world. According to the Bible, things will continue to get worse.

We must make a choice to be identified with Christ or with the world. Jesus said that the world hates him. I believe this truth is being revealed to us again. Just look at some of the opinions and attitudes expressed about The Passion of the Christ.

Let us be renewed in our passion for Jesus and, in this darkening time, be a true and genuine expression of who Christ is.

--Mike Moon
Staff Member
Good post Mike. I like what you wrote. It is true that this movie was certainly inspired by the Holy Ghost. The power in the movie is so true, genuine and sincere to Truth itself.
I myself am glad that they recut it alittle because there were alot of people who wanted to see it but couldnot handle the flogging. I seen the movie myself (the first time through) and it was the beating that made me really re think my relationship with Christ. It was more thought provoking for me to see what it was like for Him to go through that for me!
Missed it the 1st time

I didn't go see it the 1st time because it came out around the time of my Mother's death, but I heard it was a must see movie. I might try to get original on dvd.