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the painters

once upon a time there was a painter who had a pretty good money making buisness for painting. his trick was that he thined out the paint so that he wouldn't have to use much of it so he didn't spend alot of money on buying the paint.hr done that for a couple of years and never got caught. then this 1 day a church asked him to paint the outside of their church. so he was almost done and then clouds stared rolling in and a thunderstorm came and washed the paint away.then the thunder struck the guy off of the ladder and he was rolling there in pain talking to the lord saying what did i do to deserve this what am i gonna do. the he heard the voice of the lord say"repaint repaint and thin no more." the saying "repaint repaint and thin no more." means like repent repent and sin no more. i thought it was funny but u guys might not. i like it well reply back thats it. :shade: :love: :cake: :present:
yeah i like it cos it put's across two different Emotion's...

so i Like it ALTO. thank you for sharing it very much so...

Love Simon!!!