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the missing fla girl

I Love You're Heart And Concern . I Thank God For People Like You . I'll Bellieve With You For Her Safe Return ... Big-brother
I will pray for her & her family also. You know, one way to remember to pray for the children of the world & the weak is to pray using your hand as a guide. When you get to the ring finger - which is the weakest finger - it serves as a reminder to pray for the weak (& I always add the children to that). That way I remember to lift them up on a regular basis....always a good thing to do. I pray a hedge of protection around this child & that God will send His angels to keep her in their shelter & protective cover.
Staff Member
The world is truly sad but the Lord Jesus Christ is truly awesome and the power of prayer cannot be diminished, excelled or surpassed. Prayer is all powerful like the one who answers them, Almighty GOD.

I will pray for this girl and her family. I am getting bored of prayer for myself and want to excerise/grow in my faith and relationship with GOD. Cases like this remind me and re-assure me that I am guilty of any complaints I made throughout my days. GOD bless her and the family.