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The day goes on

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I heard of you in the morning,
But hardly more than a name,
I said it quietly sometimes,
Before my dreams, when the darkness came.
But my mind was full of wonder,
Of life in a world so young,
Where I learned of sadness early,
But it couldn't eclipse my morning sun.

Some talked of you at midday,
But only a whisper to me,
It passed me in an instant,
For my soul desired to be wild and free.
And my heart was full of adventure,
In a life that had no end,
Where nothing was more important
Than the hours spent with lovers and friends.

You were mentioned in the afternoon,
And it made me think again,
For all was not as it should be
In my humble, tumbledown domain.
The power of woman had captured me,
And held me in its thrall,
But it wasn't the way to go,
And the writing was clearly on the wall.

You spoke to me that afternoon,
It took me by surprise,
But no-one else could rescue me,
And I started to see you through different eyes.
You love me more than I deserve,
And forgive me when I'm wrong,
You say you'll never leave me,
And you keep my heart where it belongs.

The evening is upon me now,
How fast the day goes on,
How far I've come beside you,
Protected by your heavenly throng.
Your love is filled with goodness,
As only it can be,
And I'm blessed beyond all measure
That you choose to shine your light on me.