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The Country Pastor

In a small hamlet called Blinkan'you'llmissit, there was a pastor who had just been put in charge of a small Assembly of believers in that Town.
The Sunday meetings were held in an old, weather-board chapel on the town's only road. Now, this Chapel was rather old and run-down, so the pastor decided to spruce the place up a bit with a paint job.
So the Industrious pastor went down to the local general store and bought himself the only large tin of white paint. The next saturday morning, the pastor went down to his chapel and started painting, after an hour or so, when he finnished the first wall, he noticed that his tin of paint was half empty! His mind racing, our country pastor remembered that he had some paint thinner in the back of his Toyota, so he went and grabbed it, mixed it into his paint, and had the job done by Mid afternoon.
On the saturtday night, a huge Storm blew up, bringing hard rain, hail, thunder, lightning and a rubber duck (which went on to make it's way into the local news). Early next morning, a worried pastor rushed down to the chapel, and found that three of the wall's paint had washed off in the storm!

The pastor, overcome with Sorrow, fell to his knees and called to the heavens "Lord!" he said "what must I do?", and a voice from Heaven Replied, Saying; "Repaint, And Thin no more!".

This is a joke i heard off my dad.
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Found out....

J if you had looked a little harder you would have found that this joke is from this site,
"A second chance to Get it White".

I told it to dad who I'm sure has been telling it to half the town but thats the way it goes

You big Bro

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