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The cost of love

Sometimes, I hear people say, in an almost flippant way something like, "oh yeah, I love those people".
We as Christians are always saying "love one another", and we always say we do.

But I've found love usually has a cost involved. Not always, but usually.
I could tell Bob I love him, but never do anything with him or for him.
I don't have enough money to give him. I don't have enough time to spend with him. I don't have
enough energy and resources to waste on him.
But Joe on the other hand, I love him too. I loan him money when he is in a tight financial bind,
I take time to listen to his problems, and I take time out of my busy day to help him if I can.

Which one of those two guys do I really love? Oh, I might say I love both of them, but which one am I
really showing love to?

Jesus loved us so much He gave his life for us. Greater love has no man, than one who would lay
down his life for another. Jesus paid the ultimate price for us. His life. That is a lot of love.

What price are you willing to pay for love? You support your wife and children, and yes that is a cost
of love. But what about those we aren't obligated to love? What about the needy, hungry, and sick?
The widows, orphans, and homeless. Are we willing to pay a cost to show them love?
Maybe it's not money, but just time and energy, maybe it's just listening and helping when you can.
Or are we all just to busy?

What if someone told you they loved you, but never talked to you, never spent time with you.
Never helped you when you were in a bind, never listened to your problems, and never prayed
for you. How much love would you be feeling from them?

Sometimes showing love has a cost involved. Even if it's just time spent with someone.
People know how much you love them, but how much you're willing to invest in them.

Jesus told Simon the Pharisee that two men owed a certain man a lot f money. One owed about
2 weeks wages, and the other owed many years wages. But the master forgave them both.
Jesus asks him... which one loved the man who forgave them more? Simon answers, I think
it's the one who owed the most money. Jesus says you are correct.

The people we love the most, are the people we are willing to invest in the most. The most compassion,
the most care, the most time, the most empathy, and yes, sometimes even a little money.


This goes on past loving others, but includes loving Jesus.
How much are you willing to give Him? How much time talking to Him, listening to Him.
Jesus said several places.. "if you love Me, keep My commandments". But that's a cost, that takes effort.
Maybe I love Him, but I don't love Him that much. Living like Jesus, being like Jesus, loving others
has a cost. Are you willing to pay?
Amen brother; Are we willing to die for Him? Just as He did for us. For His name sake. If they have done it to Me, they will do it to you, said the Lord.

A soldier only dies at home in bed, if he quits being a soldier. Amen

A soldier for God can live and die in righteousness or deny Him, to save self, and die in vain.

False prophets and false teachers are being exposed.

All praise glory and honor be unto God Amen

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